Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Little Things....

Stamps: #3019 Jolly Wreath from Magnolia-Licious; sentiment from Memory Box
Paper: Memory Box
Other: Nestabilities; gold ribbon from Michaels; Kaiser pearls; Vintage Christmas Flower Soft; Icicle Stickles; Martha Stewart branch punch and Doily border punch; charm and flowers from Bunny Zoe's Store.
Copics: Hair: E99,Y23,11.....Shirt: R89, 85; 81....Green on dress: YG99, 97, 95...Dress: E42,41, E47,44,43.

Hello! Thanks for stopping by today!! I know! I know! I haven't posted again for almost a week. My hubby got laid off from work almost 2 weeks ago and with him home my schedule for making cards and posting to the blog is all messed up. Plus, I can't have him knowing how much time I really spend on and off the computer all day! hahahaha
Although it is scary that there is no paycheck coming in, I do like having him around. And so do the kids. Normally Pat works 6 days a week, 10 hours a day. Then on Sundays he is always doing stuff around the house. He doesn't like to be idle and no one can ever accuse him of being lazy! I guess growing up on a Dairy farm does all of his brothers and sisters are very hard workers. They don't know how to take a break. In fact, none of them have hobbies or side interests like golf. Pat always talks about he can open up his own painting (walls not art!) business...LOL...oooh...the relaxation of retirement! hahahaha
So he is keeping busy around me there is plenty to do....but at least he doesn't feel so rushed. However, it is hard to enjoy it completely as it is scary not knowing when we will have a paycheck again. I am not typically a worrier. Pat is very much a worrier. I tend to believe that "every thing will work out". I have several reasons why I think this way....from believing in kharma to believing in God's plan. :) But I am starting to worry. I wish I could say we have oodles of money in the bank to pay for the bills, but we don't. And the thought of Christmas....YIKES. I don't want to tell Pat that even I am worried, otherwise that might push him over the edge. I really thought that he wouldn't actually get laid off and that if he did he had enough contacts and resources that he would be working again after a couple of days. Unfortunately, things are not panning out that way. *sigh* I am sorry to vent it all here....many times I feel that blogging about stuff is like impartial/unaffected 3rd party. I also know that in this economy we are not the only ones.

Anyhoooooooooo, I took lots of pictures of this card to share with you. Although I chit chat a lot on here, I don't share many details about my cards....why? Because I don't feel that I am doing anything so special that I need to explain it. LOL! I think my cards are fine. I can cut a straight edge and can color in the lines! It took me about 3+ hours to make this one card. And I looked at it and thought: WHY?!! Why does such a simple looking card take me so long?! Then I thought of all the "Little Things" that are not difficult...just time consuming. So I thought I would share some of these things with you. If this is the stuff you want me to post more often let me know...because I feel that I may just be boring you these details.

My first dilemma was choosing which Tilda to use! I received my So Jolly stamps from Magnolia-licious and they are seriously, ALL SO STINKIN' ADORABLE that I couldn't decide on which one to start with! Diana still has some in stock...for the moment!! So head on over to get yours! Diana usually gets them out to you lickety split!

I always, always, ALWAYS choose my paper first. I color my images to match the paper I want to use. This way I don't spend an hour coloring an image to my satisfaction and then not have the paper to coordinate with it. I could have colored this image with a true RED and true Green...but honestly, most of my Christmas papers that I have do not have true red or true green in them. I have a lot of burgundy and olive. Or non traditional colors like pink, teal and orange.

Next is the coloring: I usually have to color 2 images...I will get half way through the 1st one and mess up some how. I also keep an extra image or 2 handy to try things out on. Which set of reds will achieve the look I want? I can't always tell just by looking at my Copic chart. How do I achieve the light, barely there beige that I have in my head? And quite honestly, one of the hardest things for me when coloring faces is the CHEEKS! Not rosey enough or too red! So I do them and hope for the best. Then I might go over them with My E000 to lighten them up...then it dries and they look too light. So I go back and add a little more R11...then a little R20....ACK! Too red now! go back and do E000 over the face...Now she looks ghostly. Add some E00...More R20 for the cheeks...oh darn!!! by now her cheeks have expanded to her whole face! My coloring is not a science! LOL! Sometimes I literally say to myself: Kerry, put down the markers and walk away. Soooo I go get a drink or something and come back and look at the image with fresh eyes. Coloring a Tilda or Edwin can take me an hour or more. I enjoy it. And I usually like the end result, so that is why I don't mind putting this time into it. Plus, someone's coloring is probably the 1st thing I notice when I look at a card.
Something else that I consider after I use my die to cut around the image....Do I want to leave a mostly white background behind Tilda or sponge or color....if I don't want to leave the white...what look am I going for? This determines the color of ink I use to to sponge. Much of the time I choose is a safe color for me! LOL! Not on this card, but often, I will go around the edge of the cardstock around the image with my 2 way glue pen, then dip it into glitter....just have the slightest sparkle around the image.

Assembling the card. I don't adhere anything down until I am sure...and even them, I am usually trying to pull something apart. I use an ATG gun and that adhesive is TACKY...once paper is adhere to paper....usually that's it! No changing your mind! LOL! I try to decide what part of the pattern on the paper do I want peeking out and what can be under the main image.
I hem and I haw....about what embellishments to use....where to put them...not having the right color ribbon. Wishing my charm was gold or brass toned instead of silver because I want to use gold ribbon and I usually don't like to mix silver and gold. Should I use the wreath charm or the stocking? What about the Christmas tree charm...But she's holding a wreath...why not use the wreath? I don't want to over do it on the wreaths...the stocking looks cute...Man! I wish it wasn't silver! Then flowers are always a big I have ones that coordinate with my paper? Do I really want to start "fluffing it up" with a bunch of flowers? Where will I put them if I do? Does this take away from the image? With this card I decided NOT to put any on the from of the card because I knew I was going to add Flower Soft to thee wreath and thought that maybe having all that FS on the wreath and a bunch of flowers would just be a bit too much. Again, I don't always think that More is More. It can be distracting.
To get the bow and ribbon to look and lay nicely I do them separately. I wrap a piece of flat ribbon around the card stock and adhere it with the ATG in the back. No tying or knots yet. Then with a separate piece of ribbon I tie my bow. Before adhering it with a glue dot, I take a piece of thread and tie it around the flat ribbon that is already on the card so that it is slightly puckered and it gives it the look that it was made with all one piece of ribbon. if I didn't do this, the flat ribbon in the back would be wider than the knot of the bow. Does this make sense? Also before placing the bow on, I tie a piece of clear thread onto the charm and adhere the thread with a glue dot behind the bow. This way it looks like it was tied up with the bow. I do not put any adhesive behind the actual swings freely.

Flower Soft and/or Stickles. I assemble and adhere the entire card (inside and out) before I add the Flower Soft and Stickles. Why ? Because these things need to dry and if I am working with the card still I will mess up the FS or stickles. And plenty of time I have added my stickles and then decided that I need to "fix" something else or add something else...and end up smearing the stickles! All over my image and my hands. Flower is interesting stuff. it can get a bit "flat" or I layer it over itself sometimes. Because the wreath had little ins and outs and not a strait edge I actually squirted the glue down then used a small paint brush to spread into the smaller spots. then smooshed my FS on. I let it dry for a few minutes then squirted more glue right on top of the stuff that was already there. (the glue dries clear.) Then smooshed on another layer. You must let the first layer dry a bit first!! otherwise it will slide around.
Because I had a thick layer of flower soft Tilda's hands looked lost. I mean if she were holding the wreath her hands would be over the wreath...not sunk down into it. so I stamped another image...colored the hands only and cut them out. Then I pop-dotted them over the original image.
Finally, I used a small paintbrush to apply stickles. I squirted the stickles onto a scrap piece of paper, then picked it up with a paint brush to the wings. I did this because I only wanted a thin layer on the wings AND because I wanted to make sure to get into the little tiny spots. To do her "halo" I just squirted it directly one, but did use the paint brush to move it around a little to have an even it wasn't bumpy. Then I thought it would look pretty to add some stickles to the flowers that are keeping the easel part up. So again with the brush and scrap paper I applied a thin coat to the edges of the petals and the leaves/ branches.

So that's why such a simple looking card can take me so long! You can click on any picture to see it larger.

I know I have to announce a winner for my blog candy....I forgot that yesterday was the 1st. I have to run now as tying this post has taken me I will it announce the winner later today!

Have a Fantabulous Wednesday!


Lori said...

This card is beautiful!

Suzanne J Dean said...

First of all Kerry--I'm so sorry to hear about your husband's work. I'll keep my fingers crossed & say lots of prayers that everything works out ok for you all (hugz to ya all)!
Secondly, looks like we picked the same image to use today, hee hee--great minds think alike :o) And your card is just beautiful, love the colors & the papers you've used with her!
Thirdly, your explanation of how you make a card got me giggling--you're too funny!


Helen said...

So wonderfully adorable!

Barb Hardeman said...

Kerry, this card is just stunning. Especially the wreath! I have to admit that I too follow the same struggles when preparing to put a card together. Doing the hair has always been difficult for me as I overwork it and loose the hightlights. You relly nailed it with the wonderful Easel Card. You have such an eye for embellishments! The flowers are just perfect!
I'm so sorry to hear of your husband's job loss. We've been there before. It took mine 11 months to find a job, but he did lots of small jobs in between. He was in his mid fifties then and he thought no one would ever hire him. But a job finally came along, perfectly suited to him and we are so thankful. That was three years ago, and we still don't have any money in the bank but we live comfortably. Once the children leave I will have to find some work somewhere to be able to keep my crafts going...
I don't believe in Kharma, but I do believe in a loving and gracious God who is with me in my trials and never fails to provide my needs. Prayers for you my friend...and BTW, your blog post was full of interesting tidbits. Now I've rambled on too long....hugs...Barb

LindaC said...

Sorry to hear about your troubles. I don't mind if you share your life situations in your blog...a shared burden is a lessened burden.

Love your cards. You are so creative!

Angelwood said...

Hi Kerry, I will keep your family in my prayers and hope your husband finds a job real soon. These are trying times but we have to remain positive, especially for our children. Things WILL work out!

I enjoyed reading about your card process. I agree with you, the face is the hardest for me too and I spend so much time trying not to get the cheeks too red or face too orangy (not sure if I'm successful) - but you always manage to create a masterpiece. This card is really stunning - from the beautiful papers, to the beautiful ribbon, and of course, the beautifully colored image! hugs & prayers, Angela

Elizabeth S. said...

Sorry to hear about your husband losing his job especially this time of year. It is so hard for everyone to deal with. I am like you and your husband in the fact that I am a worrier but like you that knowing God has a plan (would like to know what that is sometimes). Hope all works out for you soon!
Your card is absolutely gorgeous! Love that it is an easel card and that flower soft is fantastic! I love the idea of you telling how you made your card because it helps when designing mine. Thank you!

LINDA W. said...

Hi Kerry,Thank You for sharing your card process with us,I hanen't been
making cards very long and I have learned so much from everyone in the Group.
My prayers are with you and your family.
Hugs Linda W.

Caroline said...

Kerry this card is STUNNING!!!! I love it x x x

My dad got mad redundant a few months back & he was really worried he wouldnt find a job as h was over 60, I think he was out of work for all for 2 days, as someone gave him a tip off, you never know whats round the corner, Im thinking of you all & hope somthing comes along REAL soon x x x

Ellen said...

This is so so beautiful love the soft flower wreath just adorable !!
I love the christmas magnolia stamps too :-)

Have a nice day, Ellen

jude said...

Kelly ,
This card is amazing what a stunning creation.Iam so sorry about Pat and his job i will keep my fingers crossed that something comes his way soon.I know what it's like to have no pay check coming in and with christmas coming and family i can see this being a worry for you.thinking of you and fingers crossed something comes Pat's way soon.
Loved your post thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

sending big hugs judex

Jessie said...

I love your card Kerry! The wreath with the FS is fantastic! So sorry about your husbands job. I hope things work out for you soon, I will say a prayer. Hugs and best wishes, Jessie

Candy said...

Hi Kerry,
I am very sorry to hear of your husband's job loss! God will get you through it all - just completely rely on Him!
Your card is absolutley beautiful!! Love your wreath - it is perfectly made.....
I really enjoyed hearing your thought process LOL LOL - It is just like MINE - so happy to know I am not the only one that struggles with my inner self EVERY step of the way!!!! I thought all you DT gals just put your cards together easy as pie.
Love,Hugs and prayers for you and your family, Candy

Sharon Caudle said...

Oh my gosh, you sound exactly like me when I make a card! I love it! Now I know that either I'm not crazy, or I'm not the only crazy one. Take your pick! LOL! So sorry about your hubby's job situation. I'll keep praying that something comes along here really quick so you can stop worrying.

Your card is sooo gorgeous! I love your coloring and the flower soft looks awesome! Beautiful work as always! hugs!

Michelle said...

Love the card.....the Xmas Magnolias are just too cute....sorry to hear about hubby's work...I have been looking for 9 months, & have had one in-person interview & 1 phone's tough out there but I'm sure you'll be fine!!

Tracey said...

Your card is absolutely gorgeous Kerry!! So sorry to hear about your husband's job loss. We went through the same thing with him out of work almost 2 years. We are still recovering. Best wishes that things will be back on an even keel for you soon! xx

Kelly L said...

This is beautiful, Kerry! Now that explains why it takes me so long, too. LOL of course your cards are so much more detailed than my own. Thanks for the tips on the stickles w/the paint brush and the FlowerSoft, too. I appreciate hearing the little details. Wish you and your family well this Holiday season with a paycheck/unemployment check arriving SOON. Hugs and prayers,
Kel :)

Jacque said...

Lovely card Kerry...I will be hoping that things brighten up for you very soon...Hugs..Jacque

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

Hi Kerry. That card is gorgeous! and I'm sorry about the hubby's job. Mine was just told today that he has to take another furlough first quarter of 2010, like he had to do a few times last year (furlough - days without pay!) But we are muddling through. Lean Christmas, but at least they forwarned us this time around. Hang in there and definitely enjoy the time together now!

Basement Stamper said...

Beautiful card, I love the coloring, the flower soft & the ribbon are gorgeous!

I'm so sorry to hear that Pat was laid off. What devastating news to find out before the holidays but it sounds like you all are being as optimistic as possible. Will keep you all in my thoughts!!

Danni said...

I'm keeping you in my thoughts, it has to be stressful not knowing when the next paycheck will come. Hugs!
Love your card, gorgeous!
I got a giggle out of your cardmaking process...sounds very similar to mine other than I don't start with the paper....I color first.

Cami said...

Hi Kerry. Sorry to hear about your hubby's situation with his work. Will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers thaat something come up soon for him. Your card is beautiful and I love those rich colors you've used. I enjoyed your chatting about how you make your cards. Feels like I'm sitting along side of you and geting to know you and your habits better! Hugs, Cami

Norma said...

Kerri, you are so funny. Your posting cracked me up. I sooo... enjoyed reading it and seeing your thought processes in making your card. Nice knowing somebody else going through similar trials and tribulations that I go through..hee hee. Re the "little things" that are not difficult to you because you do them so often, they may be informative to other people, so I love reading about them.
So sorry to hear about your hubby's work situation. Hope things will improve soon.
Oh, by the way, did I mentioned that your card is just fabulous? Love it.


Unknown said...

Love your card, it's fabulous!

Sue from Oregon said...

Perfect card Miss Kerry! I can so relate to the stamping takes me forever. I am shocked when I can make a card in less than 60 minutes!

Ila said...

This card is Beautiful!!..I love how you used the flower soft on the wreath..and everyother totally fantastic thing you've done to create this Gorgeous card!!!
I'm so sad to hear your hubby is laid off...I'm keeping my fingers crossed and sending up prayers that he gets back to work soon!!..Take Care!!...Hugs, Ila

Kristen said...

Stunning, stunningm stunning......

Patricia Garcia said...

Wonderful card, and sorry about husbands job, mines works construction and this week he's been off 3 days yikes!


Jodie from Oz said...

Kerry, your card is just beautiful, love the colors & the papers are just beautiful. These new Maggies from the Christmas collection are just so adorable.

I am so sorry to hear about your hubby, I will say a little prayer for you. Hugs Jodie from Oz

Karen Arthur said...

What a lovely easel card, I love the colors and extra details... great coloring too.

KarenB said...

Beautiful creations, I'm always inspired by what you make (though I don't usually leave comments, sorry...) My DH has also been out of work for a while and it is hard not to worry. I know we'll come out of it all fine on the other side, but it's especially hard at Christmas when there always seems to be extra expenses and functions to contribute to. I have you in my thoughts and prayers.

Krista said...

Wouw Kerry, this is just zo very, very beautifull, you sure put a lot of love and effort in this card, very very lovely!!

Nancy said...

Hi Kerry,
I am so sorry to hear about your husband job loss! I pray that something will come along soon for him. I know that jobs are not very plentifull right now but trust in the Lord he will provide at just the right time.
I love your card and it was fun to read your thought process for making a card. I struggle like this every card that I try to make. That's why it takes me forever to make just one card. So thanks for sharing your struggles.
Your card is beautiful as I believe that all of your work is beautiful! Your coloring is perfect in my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kerry, I am so sorry to hear your husband lost his job. My daughter is in the same situtation. We will have to lift everyone who has lost their job up in prayer. It sounds like your hard working hubby could use a little R & R. Bless his heart. Hopefully with everyone having it so rough, we all will stop and remember the true meaning of Christmas, so all these struggles will not be in vain. I know how hard it is.
Now onto your card. It is absolutely gorgeous! I love how you piled up the flower soft to give it the look of a real wreath!
Girl! I got you beat! I can take days on one card!LOL! Maybe if I picked the paper first like you do I wouldn't take so long!LOL!
I hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas and your hubby will be back to work real soon!

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Awesome card.
Loved it.

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