Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hey Chick! And vacation pics!

Stamps: Flower Chick and sentiment from Inky Antics
Paper: Basic Grey Marrakech
Ink: Memento Black inkpad; Copics
Other: Antique brass brads; oval nesties; caramel gingham ribbon
Card Measures 4.5" sq

Happy Day Friends! Thanks for coming by today!

Isn't this chick fun?! These are stamps I have had for about 6 months and just kept forgetting to use. One day last week I was looking around at my stamps and looking for something to stamp...but nothing was calling my name...Sometimes when I go down to make I am itchin' to use something in particular....Maybe a Riley Moose or a Hanna...maybe a Magnolia...that night I looked around and came up blank. So I started looking beyond my "usuals". And I cam across several IA stamps that I got and never used....jeesh! How do these get put away and forgotten!? So cute! She was a nice easy color too. Sometimes a "Tilda" will take me an hour or more to color....this chick was done in about 20 minutes! The hardest part of this card was deciding on where to put the sentiment....I should have done a rectangle card...but it was too late and I wanted the setiment on the front...this is the end result. Does it look strange? I like this Marrakech paper...it reminded me of a quilt...but I wasn't sure how to implement it into a card...but the colors seemed perfect for this Chick. Is the blue too much though? What do you think?

We decided to just hang around the house and relax yesterday. It's nice not to have to feel like we have to be somewhere and doing something everyday. There are some nice kids around Orla's age in the neighborhood, so she's not bored. And they are pretty at letting Maeve come out and play with them for a bit if we are outside too. They like the dogs...Guinness' puppy antics crack them up. :) After dinner we took a nice stroll around Main St. Hyannis. It's a nice street. Touristy. Lots of little shops, restaurants, ice cream places....etc... There is an old fashioned carousel that Orla and Maeve rode. Declan didn't want to go...her did stand by and put his hand hand out every time they went by to try and give them a "high five". He thought that was funny! :) Of course you can't stand close enough to actually touch them...but he tried. I think I had read that this is one of the oldest carousels in the country. But I have to tell you, I have never seen a carousel that whizzed around so fast! Of course I stood there with my camera trying to get a pic...but seriously, they flew by so fast it was near impossible! I was surprised when I just uploaded my pics that I got one. Here is Orla whizzing by:

It is about this time of the year that I start trying to get a decent picture of my 3 kiddos together to include in the Christmas cards. I have never captured that illusive moment! last year I ended up doing a seperate pic each. Usually Orla is plastering a fake, pained looking smile on. Maeve is usually staring at the camera as though she never saw me before in her life...yet the rest of the year the moment she sees a camera she shouts out "SHEEEEEZE"! And Declan gets ticked just at the notion that I may want to photograph him. I am desperate to get a decent picture of my kids together! I don't care that I am making funny noises and jumping around trying to get a smile and there are tons of people around. I don't care that the backdrop is an ugly arcade or a giant Adirondack chair. If the opportunity presents itself...I am going for it! ahhhh.... but here is a typical pic of the Casey Kids:

And apparently adding Pat and our dog Penny to the equation doesn't help...Finally all 3 kids looking but as ALWAYS Pat's eyes are closed! Curses!! :

Well, hopefully there will be another opportunity tomorrow! :)

Have a Tubular Tuesday!


Stef H said...

what a fabulous card - so country-ish! and the pics are awesome. great to see your family! orla is the spitting image of you!


Basement Stamper said...

Love the pictures, they are too funny as I experience that same thing every year!

The card is awesome, I love the colors of it! Don't change the blue, you know I'm a big fan of blue and think it looks great!

Monique said...

Lovely card Kerry. Looks like you had a nice time :)).

Hugs Monique

Unknown said...

Hey Chick, your card is great,like every thing about it.. bright and smiley. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your family.

Danni said...

I really like your card...I think the sentiment is nice like that. Wonderful job!
Fun family photos!

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

I love how you colored this chick! I never thought to color this way. Awesome!!

Jacqueline said...

This card is beautiful!! I LOVE the marrakech paper with these colors!! great card!

CraftyC said...

Your card is gorgeous Kerry and the kids looked like they had alotta fun!

Christi Flores said...

What an awesome card and those pics are adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous card! So so sweet! Love it!
Erin x

Candy said...

Hi Kerry,
Your card is delightful and the blue and the M. paper is wonderful. So is the sentiment. I wouldn't change a thing!

Oh I know how it is trying to get good pictures of the children LOL LOL These ones may not be the one for your Christmas card but will be so fun to look back on :o)
The Ride looks so much fun......
Happy Holiday - Hugs, Candy

Ida said...

Crazy Cute Chicken! Love the paper you used.

I enjoyed reading about your trials in trying to get a decent kiddy photo. Fun pictures.

Ila said...

I love your chicky card!! the papers, coloring and the way you did the sentiment are all Fabulous!!...love the photos too...I can totally relate with the problem of getting a good photo of everyone...Sounds like you all had a Great time anyway!!...Hugs, Ila

Mima said...

Hola Kerry,
Cool Chick and awesome lay out, you did a lovely job with the card. I see that the kids are growing quickly. I am glad that you had time to enjoy a vacation with them. TFS your vacation pictures. GB, Mima

Pia said...

Super cute Kerry!

Good luck with the quest for the picture! It is like a treasure hunt.

Sue from Oregon said...

Great card...love the DP...
I must have a gazillion pics of my kids over the years...trying to get them all to look at the same spot...I can so relate...I finally gave up and sent interesting candids LOL...cheater huh?

Elena said...

What a fun card! Love the papers and the way how you attached the sentiment!
So glad you had a fun time with family! Thank you for sharing the pictures!

Sharon Caudle said...

Don't touch a thing with this card. I'ts fabulous and the colors are perfect. Love it!!! Great pics too! hugs!

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