Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mom's Favorite

Stamps: Cherry Dress Tilda; Farmer Tilda; Flower Jeans Tilda;
DCWV Sweet Stack;

Memento Black; Copics

: CTMH Ric Rac; Martha Stewart Punch; SU! Top Not Die; Barely Banana Brads

Card Measures 5x7

Happy Thursday, Friends! Thanks for stopping by today!

I must admit...this card is not a piece of art. Not my best card. No great layout going on here. But I got this idea in my head last weekend, while away with my 2 sisters and friends to make a mother's day card for my mom using 3 different Tilda's to represent my 2 sisters and myself. Then we could all sign it.

To give you a frame of reference I am including a picture of me and my sisters from this weekend. No jokes please! Remember we were working was all about posh coifs! LOL! I am in the your left is Katie. To your right is Tricia. I am the oldest. Next is Katie and Tricia is the youngest. I am 5 and 6 years older than my sisters. When we were young we were referred to as "Kerry and the girls". There is exactly one year difference in age between Kate and Tricia. They looked very much alike when they were little. They both even fell and damaged their front two baby teeth and had to each have them removed. So for many years neither of them had front teeth. But aside from the physical similarities, Kate and Trish were very different. Katie was/is the brainiac and marched to a different beat. Katie was always logical. Tricia was more like me...the social butterfly. Except I was very shy until I was about 14....Tricia always had a spark about her. Tricia was always doing things like cutting her own hair. (when she was 3!)
Katie always hated pink. Pink was Tricia's favorite color. Katie wasn't a Tom-Boy...not at all....but had her own unique little style. uuuum...remember Punky Brewster? I think that was Katie's Fashion Idol! LOL! I was kind of the black sheep of the family. My parents on one end and these 2 toothless cuties on the other. My parents and a my sisters were/are great dancers. They all did Irish Step dancing. I, on the other hand, have as much rhythm as a wet mop. Even at a concert...I can't clap in time to the music. It's pathetic. Also, they were still cute and compliant when I was going through my I am 13 (or 14 or 15) and I know everything and you know nothing stage. They were cute and I was an early teenager. You know...a know it all with a serious attitude. Katie always got good grades....Kerry didn't live up to her potential. Tricia was always so helpful at home...Kerry spent too much time on the phone.

Ooooops! Sorry about the tangent! :P
So I told my sisters I was going to make this card. I saw the one I refer to as Naughty Tilda, and knew that had to be Tricia....Idon't know....maybe it's the funny little pigtails. Katie wanted to pick out her own....In typical Katie fashion, she chose Farmer Tilda as her favorite. No dress. A bandana on her head. I chose Cherry Tilda for me because she is one of my favorites and for the practical reason that she is facing towards the it would look like she was facing her sisters. Coincidently, she is also much larger than the other two! Therefore, looking older.

I printed out the sentiment on the inside from my computer. We are always saying that we are each "mom's favorite". And this is something that might come out of any of our mouths, jokingly, of course! ;)

I know that I didn't get arounf to posting my pinwheel and cloud directions yesterday. I apologize. I am just so busy the past 2 weeks. I look forward to next week when I feel like I can take a deep breath! I will post the directions on Friday. Sorry.

Have a Splendiferous Thursday!!


Suzy said...

Nice card. Evene nicer with all the story. Yes, the similarity beetwen picture and Tildas is great :)

ribenaruby said...

Stunningly beautiful!love these sitting Tilda's and the story about how your card came about. Love the fun sentiment inside, lovely creation!

Jacque said...

So cute, them sitting on that rickrack trim...and what a cute story to go along with it...Great job...Hugs..Jacque

Mary C said...

Kerry this card came out wonderful! I think your mom is going to love it.

Vivi Casale said...

Adorable card Kerry!! you had an awesome idea!! I just love you card, simple and very very cute!!
Oh, Your Mom will be very happy with it!!
Vivi Casale

Pia said...

Great card. I know she will LOVE it!

Lisa Somerville said...

Very cute - I'm sure mom would love the story behind the card as well as the photo of the 3 of you!

Stefanie said...

What a special card for your Mom! She will totally treasure it.

Laurel said...

Kerry - This is absolutely darling! I love the DP and your coloring of the Tildas is perfect! Your story of growing up really made me smile - I wish I had sisters! Hugs

Sharon Caudle said...

I just love coming here and reading your posts! Love your story, and the card is adorable. I sooo wish my sister lived near me instead of thousands of miles away. Have a very Happy Mother's Day, Kerry! Thanks for sharing pieces of your life with us!

Tamara said...

what a great card. And thanks for telling the stories that go with it.

Unknown said...

LOL great tangent. I love it it is a perfect mothers day card.

Sue from Oregon said...

I am sure as a Mom,you can appreciate just how special this card will be to YOUR Mom. Just darn cute!

Sheri said...

Wow..I love it! So much thought and consideration went it to it! This idea would work perfectly for my cousins and I too. We were always trying to get rid of the "other" one....She still reminds us of that today! Thanks for the peek into your family!

Suzan L said...

Hi Kerry, It most be so nice to have Sisters. Your Mom is going to love your card!! Hope you have a Happy Mother's Day!! Hugs, Suzan

stampingtink said...

Great card and I love the story behind it! Your mom is going to love and cherish it. That's what Mother's Day cards are for.

Ida said...

Well this is such a FUN card. I loved the story behind it and the fact that you created a card to represent you and your sisters is just fantastic.

Katie said...

Who's joking? I AM mom's favorite!!! heeeheeheeheheheee
I'm so smart that I figured it out! ;-)

KIDDING - You forgot to mention how FUNNY your two sisters are... :-P

I can't see the card or picture yet (I'm at work) - so I'll comment again on how cute it is when I get home. ;-)

hugs & kisses!!!

Suzanne J Dean said...

Love it--so creative & your mom will ADORE it Kerry! What a great idea!


Elena said...

Very cute card, Kerry! Love how you put them on the ribbon!
Don't be so hard to yourself, your cards are always an inspiration!

Tracey said...

Love this Kerry! I am sure your Mom will too!

Claudia Rosa ~ Pretty Pressings said...

what a super cute card. i love the tutorial too
great idea

smallcity said...

This is absolutley adorable, love the colors and the hair is beautiful.


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