Saturday, July 4, 2009

More Peeks with Hanna Stamps!

Happy 4th of July my American Friends! I hope that you have a fun day with your family and friends!

I know that this adorable Liberty Riley is not a sneak peek...but I couldn't let today go by and not post it. I really {heart} this stamp!!!!!

Onto the sneak peaks. First up is another look at the Cyber Hanna set. WAY FUN set!!!! This Hanna looks a little younger than the other Hanna's to me. But the glasses looked like my BFF's glasses so I stamped them on her. You know what I LOVE about clear stamps? Stamping those teeney tiny little glasses on her little face was so easy! I was a little nervous because I had the entire card done when I noticed the glasses...and if I messed up I would have been SO MAD.

Finally this last card also uses the Cyber Hanna set. I know it is not my typical style card....but I really wanted to use that DELETE stamp. I always say that the best thing about email or internet "relationships"/communities is that you can simply ignore things and press DELETE! No need to get your panties in a bunch...just DELETE. ;) I kind of made this card with the thought that someone might give it to a co-worker who was having a bad day. I mean we have a day here and there that we'd like to DELETE. Remember that you can view more Hanna Stamps Sneak Peeks all weekend at the blogs of all the talented DT members:

Vicki Garrett
Frances Byrne
Cindy Haffner
Jeanne Streiff
Joycelyn Turner
Adela Rossol
Sandra MacLean*
Ilina Crouse
Silke Kittmann
Nikki Fairbairn
Keri Brown**
Laurie Clout**

*Poor Sandra has no sneak peeks because her stamps were lost in the mail. But she still has a great blog and I couldn't leave her out!

**Guest Designers for July!! Make sure to stop by and give them some Hanna Love!

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope that my international friends have a Super Saturday! And my American Friends have a Fabulous 4th! (don't eat too many hamburgers!)


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

this is super. and what a great touch those glasses! love the papers too.

have a fantastic weekend.


Cindy Haffner said...

Lovin all your card!!! Love hanna glassess and Riley's dress, so darling.

Tina said...

SUper cute card - joined your thursday challenge - those are always so much fun -

happy 4th to you - have agreat day

Virgo5 said...

Hi Kerry, Happy 4th of July! love the cards and great job with the glasses!

Thanks for all your comments, I'm so thrilled to be a guest designer this month!

Summerthyme Studio said...

These cards are Yummalicious! Wish I could use the delete stamp on headaches, pounds and some of the blind dates i've been on as of late (;-p) ).

This international friend (Gosh Kerry, you make me feel so suave! ) is excited to be in the U.S. today with Jonathon, celebrating Independence Day with Kristi and her Family!

Hugs to you all!


Silli said...

Hello Kerry, both cards are very pretty... I love your coloring! Riley´s dress is beautiful. Hugs and happy day... Silke

Lisa Bohler said...

Great cards! Happy 4th!

Ida P. Krause said...

Happy 4th to you too Kerry!
How did you know we're having Hamburgers!

Love your cards, they are all just great.

Pia said...

I thought I posted earlier, no hamburger here! I love your first card, that Riley is adorable. The 2nd card is perfect! I do like the 3rd one, there are some things I would love to delete, especially the mess that is my house!

Danni said...

Love both the cards but that first one is a WOW card!! Gorgeous!

Mary C said...

I love the first card for the 4TH! Your friend is going to laugh when she reads about the eye glasses,hehe.
Great cards Kerry!

Barbara said...

Love all your cards, Kerry! That little Liberty Riley just makes me smile.....and I just LOVE that DELETE card! There's lots of reasons to use that one!!

Tracey said...

Love your cards Kerry! Fabulous!

Adela said...

Kerry, love how you added glasses to Hanna... she looks so smart!

Sally said...

Great cards, they look fab. Hope you had a great July 4th.

Elena said...

Gorgeous Riley card! Love the buttons! And Hanna next to the computer maybe leaving comments now too. Love her glasses!
Love Delete card too!

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

love them all esp the Patriotic one.
Delete one is a great idea too!

Kristen said...

That is the just Riley card I have ever seen! Love, LOve, LOve it! The other cards are supah cute as well.

Sharon Caudle said...

I am really loving the cyber Hannah stamps! She's too much fun sitting there in her glasses. I love it!!! Wonderful cards, Kerry! Dang girl....I didn't think it had been this long since I've visited you. You've been busy!!!

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