Friday, July 3, 2009

Christmas, Coffee, & Ice Cream

Happy Friday!! Today starts the July Sneak Peeks for Hanna Stamps!! Yay!!!

Today I am hosting the Hanna Stamps Weekly Challenge (HSC76) over in the HS forum at SCS! So I really hope that you will join us for this one! This is my first time hosting...Don't leave me hangin'! ;) LOL!

The theme I chose for this week is Christmas in July! Any Hanna/Riley stamps...just the card should have a Christmas theme.

I used this months Retro set: Perfect Package! Each month during the summer months Hanna Stamps is having a retro set/Riley....a set that was previously release and is being re-focused on so that newbies don't miss it and those that have it get fresh inspiration from the current DT. This is a FUN set! In addition to this Hanna image and prezzie there is a gift tag, sentiment, bows, more prezzies...etc...! You can view this set here....but I wouldn't go shopping yet! More sets are being released Monday night and you may as well save on shipping and get them all sent out at once. :) Plus Kristi usually offers a discounted bundle...including the retro set.

What? One peek is not enough? Well then, let me introduce Ice Cream Riley! Now, Riley is cute no matter what....but what is more delicious than a moose and an ice cream?! Do you see his ice cream? Do you wonder what that thing sticking out is? mmmmm.....mmmmmm....mmmmmm! Let me tell is heaven is what it is! LOL! I know that the Brits and Irish that visit my blog know exactly what is going on with Riley's ice cream....but we do not have Flake's in America....I think Canada might...not sure though. And without Flake's we cannot have a Flake 99. I is very unfortunate. As most of you know, both my mom and my husband, Pat, are from Ireland. (Limerick and Kerry respectively) . I have never seen a big ice cream stands with oodles of flavors there, like we have here in the US. However, at most convenient stores ( and ice cream trucks) they sell soft serve ice cream and for an extra fee they'll stick a snack sized candy bar into it. The bar is called a Flake. Like it's name is a flakey bar of chocolatey goodness. Made by Cadbury. Cadbury's chocolate over there is much nicer than the Cadbury's here in the US. Creamy. Heaven. When my mom would go to Ireland for quick trips when I was a kid she'd always bring us back candy. Yummy Yummy candy from Ireland. mmmm....even now, if she goes she brings it back for all of us. Sweets, Barry's tea bags, and Chef Sauce. LOL! I know...weird stuff! Anyhoooooooooo, back to Riley's ice cream....Why is Riley holding a British Ice Cream? The illustrator of Riley and Sophie Moose stamps lives in the UK. She is probably unaware that we are not privvy to Flakes here in the USA. BooHooooooo. that I have made it clear that Ice Cream and Chocolate take up way too much of my interests...lets move on to card #3. This is from the soon to be released: Cyber Hanna set. I am just giving you a little looksie into this'll have to wait to see the rest! Perfect set for all of you Computer Junkies....unlike me....YEAH RIGHT!!! I always say that if my house was on fire and all people and animals were safe, I would then save my computer! LOL! I mean, all my family pics are in here. Pictures of Maeve at the orphanage when she was only days old. My cards for like 4 years. all my bookmarked sites. All those email friends live in the computer! LOL! Anyhow....I don't drink coffee....I prefer to guzzle a gallon of Crystal Light Raspberry flavored Ice Tea (with ice!) while surfing the net. A day without my computer and Ice Tea would be a very bad day. Seriously. Anyhooooo...notice the brown striped paper on Riley and this card are the same...I tried something foreign to me....using up almost the entire piece of paper and not throwing the leftovers away. Strange concept to me...but it worked out well, I think! LOL!

If you'd like to see more sneak peeks check out all the Hanna Stamps DT members blogs! They are some seriously talented ladies!!
Link list is over there on the right. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Ok....It's 4:40 am....I am going to be a cranky mommy in a few hours when the kids wake up if I don't try and get a little sleep.

Have a Scrumptious Friday!!


Kristie said...

Love all of your cards! I'm not sure that I'm ready for Christmas cards yet LOL! I can't wait to see the rest of the Cyber set, that is right up my alley!

Elena said...

The Christmas card is so beautiful! And Riley ice-cream looks so yummy! Love the card with a cup too!
Looking forward for more sneak-peeks! Awesome job on all of the three cards, Kerry!

Little Miss Sparkle said... these...I just joined a Humorous Christmas in July card swap and am inspired to now dig out the Christmas stamps and get them done! :)

Cindy Haffner said...

Perfect, love all your cards.

Summerthyme Studio said...

Kerri, all three cards are PRECIOUS!!! Love how you paper pieced sweet Riley's coat! Yummy!

Danni said...

All of these are FAB!!

Gloria a.k.a. mmgirl said...

Love all these cards they are beautiful. Thank you sharing.

Pia said...

Where to begin--well with the first card

I love it! Hanna and Christmas go together really well! I like your layout

#2--I love Riley and the ice cream. Of course I love anything with ice cream. Great colors!

#3, Not your usual style, but you did a great job! I am glad you used your scraps, I have been recycling a fair amount of them here.

Happy 4th! See you soon!

Kristen said...

You did a MARVELOUS job on both of these and the Riley looks so YUMMY!. Great job

Kelli said...

I am SUPER STOKED to see these, the challenge card on SCS stated that I didnt have "permission" to I clicked on your blog and BINGO BANGO!!!! GREAT Challenge Card AND OMG!!!! SNEEK PEEKS!!!! TO DIE FOR!!!!

Thanks for hookin a hanna ho up!

Stressed Stamper said...

love the cards - love the punch outs on the first card - stunning
Have a great weekend

Ida P. Krause said...

A "Triple" treat day. Such fun cards and I've got to say that Riley's icecream is making me drool (not a pretty sight). Oh and the Java card is fabulous. I love the colors you used.

Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

All your sneaks are gorgeous Kerry, I adore your colouring and layouts, love your touches of paper piecing, Hugs, Nikki x

Sue from Oregon said...

You have been busy girl! Fun cards!

Scrappinangler said...

All of these sneeks are sooooo cute!! Love them! Riley with the ice cream has to be my fav! Beautiful cards.

Sharon Caudle said...

Fab cards, Kerry! Your coloring on all of them is awesome! They're all super cute!

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