Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Memories

Stamps: Penguin Hug from Motivet. Sentiment from retired from SU
Paper: oh gosh...I can't remember right now
Other: Gold Embossing Powder; Martha Stewart snowflake punch
and snow flake border punch; Nesties label die and snowflake die;
Gold Ribbon; Iridescent Gold glimmer mist;
Kaiser White pearls; other gold pearls
Card Measures 6" sq

Hello Friends! Thanks for coming by today!
Wow another week is gone. One week until Christmas. Where has December gone? Remember as kids that December seemed so impossibly LONG...why now does it seem to be over in a blink? And why is it that now instead of feeling excited, I feel jaded?

Christmas is so magical as a child. Orla is eight this is bringing back memories of the Christmas that I was 8. I think that was my favorite Christmas EVER. I remember that we had sold our house a few months before and was waiting for a new house to be in the meantime the 5 of us live in a 3 room apartment. A kitchen, a bedroom and a living room. Usually we had lots of decorations around the house. We use to go cut down our tree every year. But that year due to confinement and stuff being packed away we just had a small "faux" tree. But we had lots of laughs. And Santa was extra good to us that year. It was 1983 and I, like most other little girls wanted a Cabbage Patch Kid! (hmmm...I wonder if that is when my desire to adopt a child some day began!?) I really wanted one with a pacifier too. :) Also on my wish list that year: Michael Jackson's Thriller cassette, and a something to play it on I got all three! I know there was other stuff too...I can't imagine a Christmas went by that I didn't want and get some Barbies. I LOVED Barbies. I also remember that my little sisters got Cabbage Patch Kids too. My mom now tells me that she got lucky and on several occasions had walked into a store and they had just gotten a shipment of CPK dolls in. So she would get what she could and even got some for her friend's kids.
It was only a few months later that I found out the truth about Santa. :( I hope that Orla still believes for a few more years. Speaking of Orla...she does not have much interest in dolls. Not even Barbies!!!! I am not sure if she is my kid. LOL! She, at the same age that I was hoping for a Cabbage Patch Kid, has dreams of Ipods and her own cell phone!! ACK! No way is she getting a cell phone!!!!!! I went back and forth about the Ipod. Finally I caved and bought her one. She has been told that she is not responsible enough for Santa to bring her an Ipod and that she should not expect one. So I think she will be SO EXCITED to get her pink Ipod. That and a few small things. She has never been much into toys. She has always preferred a pad of paper and a pen and writing her own stories or reading about polar bears or geography. She likes facts over fiction. I did get her a 2010 Guinness book of word records that I think she will find interesting. And a kids book about Barack Obama that I know she will love....she loves politics! :) I certainly wasn't thinking about Ronald Regan when I was her age and listening to my Thriller tape! LOL!

Enough of my blabber!! Today's card uses the Penguin Hug stamp from Motivet. And Oh my gosh...I LOVE IT!!! They are just so stinkin' ADORABLE all snuggled up together! I think this would make a cute card for a friend or your snuggle-muffin. Heehee I can see a valentine with this or a for a winter Birthday. I just love it!! Anyhoooooo, this card was made for this week's challenge over at the Motivet blog. Stephanie has a FABULOUS sketch this week! You can check out the deets HERE.

The patterned paper that I used has a really pretty shimmer to it. SO although I was happy with how the coloring of the image turned looked a little "blah" when I but it in front of the shimmery paper. So I dug out my Glimmer Mist and sprayed it on. Ooohhh...aaaaah! Now I was happy! I took a close up of the the image trying to show the shimmer and Glimmer....but glitter and shimmer and sparkle don't translate well across computer screens. This is always so sad. But click on the picture to see it larger and try to get the effect. :) I definitely have to use my Glimmer Mist more often!!

Ok...well it is nearly 3 am. I still have to make Orla's lunch for school tomorrow. And iron school clothes before I go to bed. So I better finish this up.

>>>>>But before I go, I would love if you'd leave a comment and share your favorite Christmas memory. Or a beloved childhood gift. Or something that made your Christmases special as a child.
I always love reading your responses.
And I think it's fun to take a few minutes to remember the magic!

Have a Stupendous Weekend!!


Heidi said...

My favorite christmas memory was the year after we got a note from Santa acknowledging the fact that we had stayed up trying to see him and how that was not "nice" This particular year I was sleeping and my brother came to wake me and I didn't realize it was him and instead I thought it was Santa trying to "fool" me so I pretended to be sleeping and my brother had to really get on the bed and bounce and push/shove me before I opened one eye to realize it was him and I could go downstairs to see those wonderful gifts awaiting me- and I got the Barbie camper (remember that plastic smell?) I was in heaven.

tamara davis said...

My favorite memories about childhood christmas' is being with the WHOLE family. I've been a navy wife for over 5 years now and have not spent a christmas at home with my family since 2004! One of the funnest things was opening gifts and my dad's mom's house. She would put numbers on the gifts instead of names and then make a clue sheet. We had all morning and after lunch to figure out the clues and once everyone had the right answers we would sit down to open them. We would all sit in a really big circle and open them one by one...sometimes they would surprise us and have the highest number open first and then go down. I really miss that part of christmas.

Dawn B. said...

Growing up we did not have much money and the best Christmas I can remember is getting a rescute dog from the shelter and my dad making a sleigh for our pony.. We lived on a farm and they didn't spend much money but we sure had so much fun with both. I remember the Cabbage Patch kids..they were awesome.

Lorie said...

As always your card is SUPER cute! One of my favorite Christmas memories as a kiddos was when we drove to my grandparents house very early on Christmas Day (they lived 4 hours away) and surprised them. My brother played revelry on his trumpet...boy was that was so much fun! Over all I just enjoyed the quiet laid back day where we got to do just about whatever we was wonderful!

Pia said...

I am not sure about a favorite memory, I do remember having to wait on the stairs for my father and brother to get out of bed before we could go downstairs. It was the one day of the year that my father would sleep otherwise he was up at 5am. It seemed to take so long for them to get up! My father used to dress as Santa and that was always fun. I always knew it was him because he would wear his usual boots. In an Italian family Christmas Eve was really big. We would go to my Nonni's house--really apartment--and sit on the plastic covered sofas and eat pasta with everyone all around. It always seemed to take so long before we could go home, not speaking Italian made it hard.

Oh and I got a CPK when they first came out, even though I am older than you! I still have Molly in my closet on a shelf! My mother waited at Service Merchandise (remember them?) and got it! I was never a barbie kid. I like Holly Hobbie.

charlene aka scrappygma said...

Kerry I just want to say thanks for all the inpiration you have given to me this year !
As a child my parents always made Christmas very special for me ! My favorite memorie is every year I would wrap up the same razor out the medicine cabinet for my Dad, poor guy would always act so surprised to get the same thing over and over !

Sharon Caudle said...

Oh how I LOVE this card, Kerry!!! Those penguins are fantastic and your coloring is awesome! I love them! I always really enjoy visiting you and reading your posts. You have a knack for story telling. One of my favorite holiday memories as a child is my mom busily baking in the kitchen, singing Christmas Carols to Perry and Bing and Dean in her beautiful voice, stringing popcorn and cranberries with a needle and thread to decorate the tree (always LOVED doing that and had forgotten until now - and we always put it outside after Christmas to feed the birds). Thanks for the memories!! Have a fabulous weekend my friend! hugs!

Ida P. Krause said...

Wonderful card (So cute and sweet).
My Orla is an (unusual) little girl ...Politics (really?)

One of my favorite memories was that as kids we didn't get Christmas Stockings. Instead we got a Christmas Bowl...Yep our parents filled up a soup bowl with, Candy,Nuts, and Orange and maybe a little gift that we got first thing Christmas morning. They didn't have money to buy stocking gifts but we never seemed to mind.

Danni said...

Adorable card!! Oh so sweet!

Tracey said...

What an adorable image Kerry and you have coloured those penguins fabulously!! Gorgeous card!!

I love Christmas! My absolute favourite time of year. I am so blessed to come from a family where the focus has always been on spending time together for the holidays. I carry that on with my little one. My favourite thing about the holiday is to go home to my parents' place on Boxing Day and just spend time with my family. That is what Christmas is all about for me!!

Wishing you a very happy holiday filled with lots of family, friends and fun! xx

Basement Stamper said...

Great penguin card, those penguins are very cute!

My favorite Christmas memory is when I lived in ND, I was young maybe 2nd grade or so. We lived in a duplex with a basement and one year we woke up Christmas Eve to find that Santa had been to our house, there were sleigh marks in the snow out on the lawn and down in our basement was a brand new pinball machine. It was the coolest Christmas I remember. (well, as a kid anyway)

Elena said...

Very cute card, Kerry! And thank you for sharing your memories!
My childhood memories... My family, beautiful Christmas tree (always like to decorate it with my Mom), smell of candy (popular gift in Russia), and lots of fun!

Ila said...

Your card is Gorgeous Kerry!!...this stamp is just the cutest..I love how you've shown it off!!..
I have so many Wonderful Christmas a child and of Christmases with our children. My parents were big on Dad on the food and Mom on making sure we always had something extra special that we didn't know about. I remember one year recieving a toy electric sewing machine...with little kits of cutout barbie doll outfits to sew together. I got a sort of a fake barbie doll..think she was called Madge or something like that..but it didn't matter...I had so much fun sewing the barbie doll clothes..what a terrific gift!.. Seemed like back in those days everything was ordered from the Simpson Sears Thanks so much for sharing your memory and prompting me to pause and remember some of my own during this busy time. I wish you and your lovely family a Wonderful Christmas and all the best in the New Year (and always!!)..Big Christmas Hug!!...Ila

Mary C said...

These penquins are really cute. I really like the way you colored the black/gray part of them. I think that is the hardest color to do with Copics and have it come out looking good! It is a really great card (no surprise though)!

Anonymous said...

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