Friday, October 23, 2009

A Clean And Simple Hop!

Hello! Welcome to the Magnolia-licious Clean and Simple Blog

They assigned me as stop #1 today because this was my idea....I am pretty
sure this is suppose to be punishment and not a spot of honor!
When it was decided that we would have a Clean and Simple Hop I think heard
groans all the way from Reno! (heehee) We even had to find a
definition of what "clean and simple" cards were! It's just
that we get so use to doing things one way that we forget to try something
different. Or go back to a style we use to have. Many of
us like to use lots of layers and embellies...but when I visit the gallery on
SCS, I often see "CAS" (clean & simple) cards that look so elegant and
lovely. And I actually view them in amazement and think:
how do they make it look so easy, yet so beautiful?! I can't wrap my
mind around that. So several months ago I started adding some
more CAS cards to my repertoire. And you know what?
Sure, I always like my layers of pretty papers...but I find it refreshing to
"simple down" and not be so fussy. The thing about Magnolia images
are that they are SO DANG ADORABLE, that they look great on any style of

When I make my usual style of card I typically only get one done in a
"session". (2-3 hours of the night) I hem and haw of
what layout to use, (that's why I love sketch challenges! cuts off some of
the time!) I sort through paper and more paper deciding on a color and what
patterns to use...where to use them on the layout. Then the
embellies...I don't have the right color...What should I fill this space
with? looks like too looks doesn't look right at
all! With CAS, there is still some of this hemming &
hawing....but only about 1/2 as much. :)

The biggest problem I have with CAS is that if I make a mistake there isn't
much room for covering up. I make lots of mistakes. I
was NOT going to ever share this elephant card with you on this
blog. I could lie and say Orla (my 8 yr old) made it.
But let's face it, we all make boo boo's and not every card can be our
masterpiece. right?
I spent about 35+ minutes coloring this pretty Ellie. I was pretty
happy with it in the end. Then I stamped the sentiment and
apparently got purple ink on a finger/thumb and smudged it right under Ellie's
tail. :( WAH!

So I thought I would cut her out....but then I thought that would get away
from CAS. so I decided to sponge ink around the image....I didn't so
much like it...hated it would be a better term. But I figured: well,
maybe if I layer it...still no dice. I just don't like this
card. On a "fussy" card I would have cut Ellie out ...or when in
trouble you can always stick a few flowers or something on there to cover up the
mistake! Oh well....just goes to show you that we are human and not
every card makes it to the blog! And some that do...probably would
have been best left on the craft room floor too! LOL! It's
kind of like looking back at old photos of ourselves and wondering what the heck
were we thinking about with that haircut...or those huge glasses....or that
sweater!?! UGH!

You can get your own Elephant
Tilda with a Spoon
at Magnolia-licious.

***Next stop on the hop is the Brilliant
! The thing about Becca is that she
totally rocks ANY and EVERY style card!

When you finish the hop make a last stop over at the Magnolia-licious-highlites
blog. (if you didn't start there). Where you can get the deets
about making your own CAS style card and winning a prize!

Speaking of a prize...if you have are still reading this, then you deserve
one! How about this adorable Tilda holding a Candy Cane

Leave a comment on this post to be entered. I will announce the
winner next week!

Have an Astounding Friday!


Sandra said...

thank you for the insight ... I look at all of your cards and ohh and ahhh and say how does she create one beautiful card after another - it takes me HOURS to create one and no way do they come close .... but to hear that you spend hours on one card makes me feel better =).
I happen to think your elephant card is adorable - the sponging covered it up well - I do have to laugh, your idea of clean and simple is still very fancy!
Thanks for sharing!

debbies said...

You are too hard on yourself. Your elephant card is adorable and perfect for a child!

Jodie from Oz said...

Kerry, All of your creations are amazing. Great CAS card, loving the pink, green & white colour combo & coloured to perfection. I am so glad you added the Elephant Card, it made my chuckle, as the same thing has happened to me on many occasion. Thanks so much for the inspiration.
Hugs Jodie from Oz

Angelwood said...

Kerry, I love both of your cards. So beautifully colored both of them and the simple embellishing of the card really lets you focus on just the image. So beautifully done! hugz, Angela

Lisa T said...

Both your cards are so adorable! I think the sponging looks rather nice - adds a bit extra to the CAS look. I think crafters are always harder on themselves than they should be! :)

Gloria Westerman said...

You worry to much. These cards are very pretty. You have heard of the term "trash to treasures', what you make think is trash, we view it as treausres.
"Who rocks---You rock that who".

Candy F. said...

Your CAS is just beautiful. I love Magnolias and would love to win that sweet image of Tilda with a candy cane!

Brenda said...

This card is so beautiful. Seriously does not need all of the extra's you talked about in your blog. Love it!!!

Monique said...

Your cards are lovely Kerry !

Hugs Monique

Barb Hardeman said...

Too, too, precious Kerry. I love them both and the CAS look you achieved to perfection. hugs...Barb

Teri said...

Everything is just gorgeous! You rock!

artfulwhimsies said...

You do CAS very well. The elephant is adorable no matter what. Thanks for sharing.

Rosella said...

What beautiful cards!! Love how you show such a great CAS card with Tilda. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with all the details that are on the cards. It's nice to see that they can be just as beautiful with less embellishments too!

Claudean said...

Well I love the cute little elephant card. I also love the CAS card. the pink and green is so pretty together. Great coloring.

Katie said...

They are both wonderful!
And I can't the see mistake on Ellie at all, really and I looked hard!

Ellen (aka ScrapStampnMama) said...

Your CAS card is amazing...sometimes less is more! Love it, thanks for sharing!!

Vicki Wizniuk said...

Both cards are adorable! I can't see any boo-boos on Ellie... too cute!

Pen to Paper said...

I love the white and pink color scheme for the above card and the elephant card is so cute. You def. made simple look beautiful.


Sharon Caudle said...

Kerry, I love them both! I think you did a FABULOUS job with the CAS and thanks for this challenge! Your Tilda with a spoon card is amazing in the pink and white! I love it! Those little ribbon tags are the perfect touch! And Ellie is gorgeous with the sponged distressing! But I know how you feel, cause I've felt that way about a couple of my cards recently. LOL! HUGS!

RiNNE said...

Your cards are soo cute! Love the first one! That stamp is just adorable and the sentiment is darling!

I like the second card, too. But I know what you mean about not being quite satisfied with a card but posting it anyway-- I've done that myself. But I think you did a great job on the sponging.

cabio's craft corner said...

These CAS cards are so adorable and the colorings are awesome!

Lorie said...

Oh, Kerry...I just love stopping at your blog! BOTH of your cards are wonderful (I have a boo boo on my no layer today too)!

Jes said...

Just have to say, I love the elephant. I don't have any of these stamps, and I can think of no better way to start my collection than by winning one off your blog! Pick me!

connie said...

I love both of your cards. I am new to card making and love the CAS style. I love your elephant card.

Helen said...

I love CAS cards! You did awesome on them, too! But, it is hard to go back to making them when you've discovered layers and all kinds of fun stuff!

Heartwarmers from Vicki said...

Both of your cards are so cute and you do such a wonderful job coloring your designs!

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

Both of your cards are absolutely adorable! I DID read to the end and hope you draw my name. Ü

Tricia said...

What a fun blog hop in my very favorite style!! I just adore your kitchen Tilda done in pinks. She's precious!

Anonymous said...

Is that what it's called, CAS? I always looked at my cards and thought it needed more. Now I can say it's a CAS card. Love it, and I love your CAS card. Debbie S. (

Anonymous said...

Is that what it's called, CAS? I always looked at my cards and thought it needed more. Now I can say it's a CAS card. Love it, and I love your CAS card. Debbie S. (

Maggie said...

I luv luv your cards and most of all I luv the fact you use the Cuttlebug swiss dot embossing folder.
You should enter your beautiful cards in our challenges.
Have a fabulous day,

Nancy Parker said...

Kerry, I love both of your cards! Have a great weekend. Nancy

mamichelle said...

I personally love the CAS cards! You did a great job on both!

Marge said...

BOTH cards are fabulous! Just read somewhere recently that handmade is not supposed to be "perfect", but I totally relate to the fact that I wish mine could be also! Thanks for a chance @ winning the darling Tilda image!!!

Deana said...

Both of these are just darn cute! CAS can be a nice change of pace...


Karen Arthur said...

This is a wonderful card. Your right, I too sometimes try to think of ways to make a more complicated card, when the simple ones can be as elegant. Thanks for your reminder and the great card.
Hugs, Karen

Carol Meadows said...


Christina said...

Your Cas cards are cute ..stop beating yourself up. i would love to be a receiver of even an imperfect card of yours.

Stephanie said...

CAS is a nice way to do cards, and they can be elegant. I did one not too long ago and it looked just fine, received very many oohs.
Would have never have known about the mistake on Ellie without you saying it ... LOL. They both look great!

Rhonda said...

Beautiful cards! It is nice to know that it takes several hours for you to do a card as well. :)
Thanks for the chance to win a Tilda!

Basement Stamper said...

Well, your C&S cards turned out fantastic, I love the pink one! So cute!

jan farnworth said...

adorable job you did a great job with this challenge. thanks for the inspiration.

CelticWoman said...

oh a great clean and simple and marvelous job with Tilda. Sandi

HazelQ said...

Beautiful cards Kerry! I really like to make simple and clean cards cuz they're easy to do :P Thank you for the chance to win this fabulous stamp!

Spicey Cat Chick said...

Wahoo for CAS! I never seem to make them and am glad to know I'm not the only person who spends over 2 hours on one card. I think your CAS are great. Thanks for sharing and the chance to win a great stamp!

Olivia said...

Great cards today! Beautiful stamp...thanks for the chance to win.
Happy Stamping!

Sarah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah said...

What simplicity, clean and elegant - a great card with the same wow factor as all your other cards, - thank you for the inspiration - Sarah x

Sarah said...

What simplicity, clean and elegant - a great card with the same wow factor as all your other cards, - thank you for the inspiration - Sarah x

Chrissie said...

Beautiful, beautiful cards!

a Creative connection said...

So glad I 'hopped' on over to your blog ... added it to my favorites list and wanted to say thank you for sharing!

Linda S. said...

Clean and Simple IS beautiful when you do it. Thanks for sharing.
Linda S. in NE

Little GTO said...

Kerry, Kerry, Kerry, you crack me up!!! Your artwork is gorgeous as usual. So were you able to blog at 12:30?

Sharon L

Chrisd said...

Clean and Simple is my favorite style and if you hadn't shared no one would know about a smidgy extra ink!

Cami said...

Kerry, your CAS card is beautiful! Just your coloring alone makes it so pretty. I agree, sometimes less is more and you have done just that! As for the Ellie card, your thumb smudge looks somewhat like when I try to distress the edges so I wouldn't have noticed it! I adore all your creations anyways. Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Cami

Suzanne J Dean said...

LMBO Kerry--of course it is an honor for ya, hee hee, as I'm still groaning! And pointing out your smudge is too much, I'm still giggling! Love both of your cards, simply beautiful & cute & Ellie is fabulous with the sponging! Love them both! Thanks for challenging me out of my safe zone :o)


Sam said...

I know exactly what you mean about not being able to cover up mistakes!! I made one yesterday when the tiny cling stamp fell off the block - splooooosh - right onto my nice clean card!!! Fortunately I hadn't quite finished, so I was able to peel off the backing paper and put a new one down, but gah!!!

Love the candy cane stamp by the way ;-)

Kajun Beth said...

Clean and simple? So far the cards look GREAT! Keep up the great work design team!

Tracey said...

Oh Kerry, both of your cards are just adorable!! I love them! Your colouring is always gorgeous!! Happy Friday to you! xx

LINDA said...

Love your Tilda and i like CAS.
Linda W.

leenda said...

You did it & you did it well!! I guess less is more but it's hard for me! Fabulous artwork, coloring & inspirational!

Lauren said...

Your cards are adorable! Don't be so hard on yourself. Thank you for the opportunity to win lovely candy!


Candy said...

Oh Kerry!
I love Ellie and would never have known you got a thumb print on it had you not said so. Your idea to sponge around her was brilliant and now she is perfect......Tilda is adorable and beautiful!!
I am happy to see the CAS cards as so many people do up such busy cards and I think CAS is always classy.
Big hugs to you and thanks for this chance to see the Design Team do simple for a change.
Hugs, Candy

DB said...

This card is so cute, you do clean and simple very well! I love the simple embossed white background.

Anonymous said...

love the way you colored Ellie! Isn't it wonderful that we can usually cover up boo boos. I've
had my share. Would love to win the Tilda.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow!! How sweet!! These are just adorable!! You are really rockin' these CAS creations!! I really love your brilliant coloring!! HUGS

Connie said...

Love that Candy Cane Tilda - can see some great holiday cards in her future!

Anonymous said...

Love the CAS! Looks fantastic.
Christine B

Danni said...

I adore both of these!! Sometimes our mistakes glare at us but others hardly notice.
I've been finding that I am leaning more towards the simpler side of card making for mailing gets so expensive!!
Anyway, gorgeous creations...gorgeous coloring...just all around gorgeous!

Pam said...

I visit you often. Love your coloring of Ellie. Would love to win Tilda.

Norma said...

Kerry, clean and simple really does work and you've just showed us with your cards. Both are fabulous. Love how you colour your images.


Judy said...

Your 2 cards are adorable! I love the clean and simply look too. Thanks for sharing your cards.

JoAnn said...

Your being alittle hard on yourself with the Ellie card. I don't think it looks bad at all. I think this will be a fun hop, I have never had to count anything on a Blog Hop, this is different but fun. The other card is adorable. Well I'm off on my hop.

Nena said...

A very, very special card. I LOVE it
and I wish it was part of the prize
but the chance to win the stamp is
more than generous of you. Thank you!!

charlene aka scrappygma said...

Kerry both of your cards are just adorable ! I really like your challenge.

Catrick said...

I love the clean and simple lines of your cards...I am a great believer that simple can be very commanding. Well done!

Sue from Oregon said...

You know I love CAS cards...took the tour of the blog hops...Great cards!

Emma said...

I love the fact there are others out there like me that take hours to create just one card!! I love your Tilda card she is just gorgeous, sometimes it's the simple ones that look the best.

Cheryl said...

So glad you persevered over blogger! They can't do a woman like you in!!
Your cards are both terrific! The Tilda with the sppon is a reall knockout!

dolcreations said...

Wow, what a beautiful blog you have! I am very inspired by all your cards! They are stunning!
Thanks so much for the chance to win this beauty Magnolia stamp!

Elena said...

These cards are so sweet, Kerry!

Sandy Hulsart said...

CAS can be quite a challenge but your card is lovely. Thank you for the chance to win a great Tilda stamp.

Ruthie said...

Clean and Simple? Hmmmm not sure I could enter this challenge - my cards always end up mucky!! LOL


megline said...

Very beautiful cards. I love the one with Tilda (pink is one of my favorite color).Thanks for the chance to win,I have been looking for that stamp for a long time (hope to win).
Hugs, Line

Ida P. Krause said...

Wonderful cards (Yes, I like your Elephant card) You did a great job with the CAS look. It's not really my forte either but I think you did a find job. Thanks for a chance to win Tilda (it would be my first one).

Alma7 said...

Your cards are so beautiful!
I love the elephant card, and the painting of it especially!


Jacque said...

Both of them are lovely, Kerry!! Hope you are havibng a nice weekend..Hugs..Jacque

Lisa Foster said...

Your Tilda card is absolutely adorable! I loved your post...because I always wondered if I was the only "Hem Hawer" out here! Your elephant card is so cute, and if you wouldn't have explained it to us, I would've never suspected a thing! :)

carrie said...

Love the CAS elephant card. It is really cute. The "yummy for your tummy" is really cute too. Seems to me you had to put a lot of thought into both of these cards to complete them.

scrapbygladys said...

Wow! I'd love to win a Tilda's stamp!
Your blog is awesome!

Jodi said...

I have a hard time with CAS, but from what I see, you've got it down pat! Your first card is absolutely gorgeous and the sponging on the elephant card looks perfectly fine (I just had a fingerprint incident earlier tonight so I can totally relate LOL!)

Anonymous said...

Great challenge Kerry!!! Thank you for suggesting it and cajoling us into a great CAS time. YOU are brilliant girl!! Your CAS cards are fantastic!
-Hugs Becca

Summerthyme Studio said...

Very Clean, simply gorgeous! Love it!



Karen said...

I love both cards. I like the idea of clean and simple as I spend all my time coloring these sweet Tilda stamps.

Anonymous said...

Love your attitude - laugh at the little mistakes and just fix them. You are right about sometimes simpler is better because the main image gets lost in all the fancy trimmings. Lovely cards.
Bernice Barnes

Anonymous said...

The elephant card is beautiful! I love it. Thanks for posting. - V

Loz (Aus) said...

I love CAS cards.. and would never have known that gorgeous inking was done to cover a mistake. The Elephant card is cute!

Carolyn said...

Well I totally agree with you Kerry. CAS cards get harder to make the longer we've been scrapping. I think we all try to get the most embellishments on to better the card, and I'm famous for that. But to just leave it CAS doesn't take away from the talent and beauty of the colored image. Nice to see more of the talent we all hold.
Hugs xx

Alice said...

All your creations are beautiful!!! And this stamps is amazing, thanks for a chance to win!

Ila said...

Both cards are Beautiful!!...and your coloring is Gorgeous!!...(I can't see any mistakes!)...Hugs, Ila

Danderella said...

Love your card, and I love that you shared that you aren't "perfect" with us. You make wonderful cards.

Liza said...

Gorgeous cards, your colouring is amazing.

Liza x

Katarina said...

I think you pulled it off pretty well yourself. Your clean card looks wonderful.

Teri (M&KGrandma) said...

Oh my gosh, Kerry, your work is absolutely stunning!! Love the pink and green together!!!!

Kristen said...

I think you did CAS beautifully. I love both cards, but I "REALLY" love the first one. Rock on girl. You are my inspiration!

designsfromwithinbycharlotte said...

Kerry, your cards are both beautiful...sometimes it's the CAS ones that look the best. I too like to layer my cards but will definately give these a shot. Thanks for the inspiration! Awesome blog you have here.

Scrubbybubbles(sue) said...

This is so adorable! I just love the CAS look. :)

Rosella said...

Thank you so much for coming to my blog and commenting on my CAS card.
Your cards are fantastic. I just picked up the Kitchen Tilda stamp, and am looking forward to playing with her!!

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