Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers Group 24

I decided to join the Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers. It's kind of like a support group....not like for a tragedy or or an addiction (although stamp junkies could use a some therapy...but, you know, not me, I have it under control! hahaha!), but more like a cheering squad. Blogging can be rough. really! I mean as a blogger you are putting yourself out there. Kind of presumably thinking or hoping that others care what you are putting up there. Not a shared gallery...but just me. Yikes!! And really the only way as a blogger you can get the encouragement to keep blogging is comments. Otherwise, imo, why do it? I can ooooh and aaaah and think my cards are sooooooo great in the privacy of my own stamp room! LOL! And my DH...HA! I use to get the empty, unenthusiastic "Nice" response...then I complained that I tell him how great his shed that he built was...or how great the wall he painted looks...and truly meant it, but he couldn't give me the same...so now I get an exuberant "Oh wow! That is REALLY nice!" he even puts this face on like he has just seen the most amazing piece of art EVER. But now I just feel like he is mocking me. Hmph!

So for this post I am suppose to introduce myself to my SBS group. Although, I was the first to sign up so there is no group...but hopefully others will want to be in a group with me! LOL! BTW, if you want to join you can do so HERE.

I live in Massachusetts with my DH, Pat and three super cute (ok, so I am biased!) kids. I am a SAHM and many nights stamping is a needed retreat for me to regroup. Declan is 11. He has Down Syndrome and Autism. He can be quite a challenge. But he can amaze us and is a blessing. Orla is 7. However, she thinks she is 27 and second in command in the pecking order of the house....me being first in line...but only slightly!) It is not easy living with another woman who is trying to run my family! I can't complain too much because she is a wonderful wonderful sister to her siblings. She is also a blessing. Maeve is almost 20 months old. We adopted Maeve last year from Vietnam. She is as sweet as can be and can throw a tantrum like I've never seen! LOL! Definately another blessing. I can't forget about our Lhasa Apso, Penny. She is so good with the kids. They love her too. ( we also have 2 guinea pigs and 2 pygmy goats)

My mom and my DH Pat were born and raised in Ireland, so we really treasure our heritage. That is how I came up with those "weird" names for my kids, they are all Irish.

I call myself a "born-again stamper". I started stamping about 5.5 years ago...but lost my mojo and enthusiasm for awhile. (but somehow, I never stopped BUYING supplies! just using them. hahaha) Back in January, Mary Jo started doing her sketch challenges and got me motivated and I found my love for paper crafting again.

And that's about it.


Sue said...

oh I wish you could have made it into SBS 23 with me...oh well we are already "sisters"

mamichelle said...

Well, I'm glad you got back into it. You are amazing!

kc_froglady said...

I joined you in the Sisterhood :) I look forward to getting to know you!

Anna Banana said...

Hi Kerry, I'm a new sister and I just wanted to introduce myself and say hi!
I'm from Racine, Wisconsin (near lake Michigan). and I'm looking forward to getting to know you!

Anna Banana

Tracy said...

Hey Kerry! WELCOME to the sisterhood! I know you will completely enjoy having a great group of friends and supporters (or cheerleaders *wink*)...love your blog! Keep up the great creations chicka...Sounds like you have a sweet family. My youngest sounds like your 7 year old except the boy version...Hugs & Blessings!

Julie's Crafty Corner said...

Hi to my new sister Kerry, looking forward to getting to know you. Love your blog!

Julie sbs-24

Barbara said...

Hey, Kerry! I'm so glad we'll be "sisters!"...you know your blog is awesome and we are going to have a fabulous time together!!

Christina said...

HI Sis I have recently joined SBS recommended by a friend and I hva to say I already like what I see. I have a feeling I will be in the shallow endof the stamping pool Look forward to meating you!

Ceal said...

I just joined the Sisterhood 24, stopping by to say HI and look forward in getting to know you

Julie's Crafty Corner said...

Hi Kerry, Can you send me an invite to join the Yahoo sisterhood group please!


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