Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Whipper Snapper Entries

I have never entered any of my work into a contest or have ever tried to "get published". But recently on the Whipper Snapper Site they had an ad for a summer themed contest using their stamps, of course. First Prize was $75 in credit to their online store. Now that peeked my interest! LOL! Second and Third prizes were $50 and $25 credit to their online store.

At the last minute I sent in a few entries. (they were due 7/1) Two of them I already shared here and here. Here are my other 2 entries.
Of the 4 cards, the Ant one above was my personal favorite.

As I was printing out the release forms to send with the cards, I got up the computer. Guess who got a hold of it? mmmm-hmmmmm...Maeve!
Here is a picture of the card after Maeve got a hold of it.

WARNING!! The following picture contains graphic material and is not for the sqeamish!

Horrid, isn't it?!

I really didn't have time to make a duplicate....and that was my last bit of Wild Wasabi DSP from my SU! level 1 hostess pack. :(

Fortunately, I was able to perform surgery and post op the card was as good as new! But it was touch and go for awhile. ;)

Well, in the end, none of my cards took 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. (see winning cards here . congrats to the winners!!) However, WSD did keep 2 of my cards for "publication". I received $10 credit for each card. (already spent!) It may not be a huge deal, but I was happy enough!


Sue said...

Sorry I had to laugh at this, not nice huh! Wow, I think having TWO cards for "publication" would be grounds for a big celebration
1 Congrats!!!!

MJ said...

Tee hee, she's at it again?! You better just start giving her her own stuff and see what she makes, lol. Ya never know, Woody started VERY young stampin -- I think she is trying to tell you she is ready. Congrats on the card being picked up. $20 credit is a huge deal in my budget, lol.

Stefanie said...

Oh my goodness Kerry! Your poor card!! Congrats on getting published though. That is awesome!

mamichelle said...

Yay! Congrats, Kerry! Glad you were able to perform surgery.

My favorite is the cocktail one!

Adair said...

Congratulations, Kerry! You should be excited to have 2 of your cards picked for publication! Your cards are wonderful!

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