Monday, July 14, 2008

7 random things about me....

I've been tagged by Brenda...that rascal!
hmmmm....what is interesting and/or weird about me...? Not much! LOL!

1) My husband, Pat, and I got engaged 5 weeks after we met. We got married 6.5 months later. We've been married for 12.5 years.

2) Our son, Declan, 11, has Down Syndrome and PDD-NOS. (the best way to describe what PDD-NOS is that he "almost has autism") . There are not a large number of children with this particular dual diagnosis.

3) Our daughter, Orla, 7, looks and behaves so much like me that it is sometimes scary! LOL! Not once do we go out in public without people commenting on how much we look alike. poor dear!

4) Our daughter, Maeve, 18 months, was adopted from Viet Nam last year. DH and I traveled to VN for 3 weeks to complete the adoption. It was a wonderful country and experience. Maeve is 22 lbs of joy!

5) Both DH and my mom were born and raised in Ireland.

6) Am I almost done yet?! hahahaha! I have a tattoo of the claddagh on my right ankle. It looks similar to this...but mine is colored.

7) I have naturally VERY CURLY and VERY THICK hair. A couple of years ago, I decided to cut a bunch off. (side note: short, thick, curly hair is a BAD idea!!) The hairdresser said that I was cutting enough length to donate to Locks of Love. Great! Who would want this on their head, I don't know! My hair is so thick that she got 2 ponytails of hair....I did a double donation in one cut and it wasn't because it was extra long! LOL! Every time I go to the hairdressers they all gather around like I am a freak show. I go to the same place every time...but they always seem to be amazed! Yes I keep it pulled back most of the time.

So that is it. That is as interesting as I get. And I had to use my kids' interesting facts as my own! LOL!

I guess I am suppose to tag 7 people now. But all my blogging friends seem to have much better things to do than this!! you STAMP!

So check out some of my great blogging buddies and their creations.

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MJ said...

Thanks Kerry. Not only did I post this but I nominated you for an award, lol.

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