Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bailey's Irish Cream Bars

Hello! Here's a merry recipe for you!

I like to bake anytime of the year but especially Christmas. I made these for the neighborhood Christmas Cookie exchange a few years ago. They were a big hit.

However, when making them in these quantities this recipe gets expensive! You go through those bottles of Bailey's pretty quickly!! A little in the mixing bowl and a little for me! LOL! ;) just kidding!

***For Cake:***
1 package yellow cake mix
3 eggs
2/3 cup Bailey's Irish Cream
1/3 cup oil
***For Swirl:***
1 can cream cheese vanilla frosting
1 package white chocolate chips (12 oz)
1/4 cup Bailey's Irish Cream


Preheat oven to 350. Prepare a jelly roll pan (about 15 x 10 x1 ). Mix cake mix with eggs, Irish Cream and oil. Set aside 1/2 cup of prepared cake batter for swirl. Pour cake batter into prepared pan. In a small bowl, blend all swirl ingredients. Drop large spoonfuls of this mixture over the cake batter. Swirl with a fork to make a marble effect. Bake 25 - 30 minutes. Cool and cut into squares.

I have also made a Bailey's Irish Cream cake...but can't find the recipe at the moment! There are lots of Irish Cream baking recipes on the internet...and they all sound yummy!



Cheryl said...

ohhh - this sounds yummy! I think I am going to have to pick up a bottle tomorrow. To make the bars of course! :)

tamara davis said...

Sounds really yummy! My hubby would love this!!! I might have to make it for him!

Shelly Schmidt said...

Yummy- this sounds fantastic- thanks for sharing this great recipe!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

oooooo yummo! here's a recipe for homemade bailey's irish cream.....
1 cup liquid coffee mate (or half & half); 1 cup whiskey; 1 cup sweet condensed milk (NOT evaporated milk); 3 eggs, 1/8 tsp. coconut extract; chocolate syrup (for color).

blend all ingreds. in blender. Refrigerate.

Enjoy! and a very happy, happy holiday to you & yours.

Nora said...

Lordy, that sounds dangerous...dangerously YUMMY! *LOL* My weakness is Bailey's...found some choccies last year that were Bailey's flavored...made my clothes SHRINK!
Thanks for the recipe!

Scrappinangler said...

Wow, this looks pretty tasty! I might have to try it! :) hugs, ~Tori

Sue from Oregon said...


Virgo5 said...

Wow kerry this recipe sounds delicious! I think I might make this for our family Christmas party on Sunday! Thanks for the recipe.

Shelly Schmidt said...

Back again- i am going to make these bars- do you use the Choc Chips as ships- or do they get melted for the swirl??? Looks very yummy!

Lisa Somerville said...

Hey Kerry - here's your link withe the Baileys Irish Cream Cake

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