Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy World Card Making Day!

Hello! This is going to be a super quick post because I lost track of time and this should have been up hours ago!! Sorry!!

All three samples here today are made with the Geisha Hanna Stamp set.

I used paper from the Basic Grey June Bug pack on all 3 samples.
the little red square in the corner of each is suppose to be a "chop". I learned about chops chops when we were in the process of adopting from Vietnam. Chops are similar to a signature or a "hallmark". Each one is unique.
They are similar to rubber stamps but usually made out of wood or stone or etc....You'd usually see them on Asian artwork...similar to if an artist would sign their art. Chops are always/usually (? not really positive) used with red ink. But I didn't randomly choose red. Think of them like we put our hallmarks on the back of the cards we make..."Made by Suzy Stamper".
I did buy some chops when I was in Vietnam...but they are too big for these cards. :) So I just doodled these.

I also had to Google Geisha Kimono's. I mean I know what a kimono is...but I didn't know if certain parts were usually certain colors or if the colors represented something. I didn't want to be culturally insensitive. Now don't get me wrong, I am far from one of those PC police that run around. But I know how I feel when it comes to things in the Irish culture being mangled by people who are too ignorant to care to find out. (Patty/Paddy! UGH!) I even feel that way about the Vietnamese culture. For example there was a TV show recently that premiered and 2 Gay men adopted a baby from Vietnam. (which WAS one of the few countries that would allow single men to adopt from there). However, during the show they had her wrapped in a blanket with Chinese characters printed on it. The Vietnamese do not use characters like this to represent words. They use an alphabet similar to ours...but with accent marks on certain letters...etc...Now I don't pretend to be an authority on any culture, but I try not to look like a fool either!
That said, if anyone familiar with the Japanese Culture is reading this and sees a huge inaccuracy, please let me know. It's too late for me to change it, but I am interested in learning more. Mistakes are always learning opportunities!

Don't forget about all the events going on now over at SCS for world card making day!

Happy World Card Making Day!


Danni said...

Wowzers!! Awesome creations!

Moni said...

Beautiful card, love the stamps and theme! Hugs,moni

Susie Sugar said...

Wow !! these are awesome what a fantastic pieces of it.. lots of gorgeous details
Hugs Susie xx

Kimberly Gajewski said...

These are lovely Kerry! Simple, but very elegant designs! PS. I used my new Magnolia stamp! My coloring skills need a lot of work! Good thing I spend my days with a bunch of Kindergartners...LOL! :D

Cindy Haffner said...

Kerry you rocked this set, so pretty.

Wendy said...

great cards and what a stunning stamp set

Silli said...

Hello Kerry, all the cards are very pretty. I love the colors... I wish you a happy happy sunday! Big hugs! Silke

Emily Leiphart said...

These are beautiful, Kerry! I love that you are so open to learning about different cultures!

brenda said...

Beautiful collecton of cards Kerry, super colours.

B x

Elena said...

Fabulous cards, Kerry! One more time I can tell that card making not only a way of creating something, but to learn something new! Loved your post! :)

Anonymous said...

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