Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blog Yummies!

******The Winner has been announced!! Click Here to see who won!******

Well the kids are going back to school this week and I think that's cause for a celebration!!

Y'all know how I {heart} baked goods! So let's celebrate with Blog Yummies!!!!!!

ok...ok....so I am not really giving away these yummy Halloween treats...Cakes don't ship well!! ;)
But I have collected a few other Halloween treats for you to win!

Because I have not yet received the paper, I didn't take a pic of the items together. And the stamps don't photo well. But all of the following items will go to 1 lucky person!

What do you need to do? Share the news on you blog with a link back to my blog...then leave a comment here. In your comments also let me know what your favorite thing about Halloween is.

I will announce one winner on September 14th. (yes...bribing me with baked goods will increase your chances of winning....just kidding!!)

Martha Stewart Drippy Goo Punch

Halloween Trims

Magnolia Tilda Holding Pumpkin Stamp

Magnolia Bat Stamp

Lime Green Stickles

6x6 Basic Grey Eerie Paper Pad

Good Luck!!!


Moni said...

Yummy candy I want it! :) I love halloween, lot of candies! I linked you on my blog:

Lorie said...

Holy cow...this is great! You are linked up on my blog...


Cyn said...

I sure do love your blog and will be linking it to my blog at www.stampinmunchkins.blogspot.com. My favorite thing about Halloween is that we get together and have a party with our friends and DD's friends, even though she is 15 now. We are never too old to make pretend.


Krich said...

My favorite thing about Halloween is spending time with my family and freinds and party all night if it's not a school night. LOL. I love dressing up too. Thanks for the chance to win this yummy candies.

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't have a blog, so I guess there's no way I could win, but I will tell you that my most favorite thing about Halloween is seeing the little LITTLE kids come to the door in their costumes. Not the big kids, just those little folks who rally have no idea what it is all about. They are so cute. Hope someone enjoys the great blog candy you are offering. I LOVE the Tilda with the pumpkin. I hadn't seen that one before. Very cute.
Oh, and your baked goodies look scrumptious!

Tracey said...

Oh, this candy is awesome!! I am totally not abouve bribing you with yummy goodies to win! ;)

My favourite thing about Halloween is seeing my daughter looking adorable in her costume! And I can just imagine all of the layouts of her I could complete with all of this yumminess.

Thanks for the chance to win! xx

loyaz said...

Kerry, I posted your Candy on my blog http://loyaz1.blogspot.com/ including the end date of 9/14. I LOVE Halloween, love to make and send Halloween Cards and love to decorate the house. Your Candy would be perfect for my collection! Thanks for this opportunity.

Jenny said...

Hi Kerry! My favorite thing about Halloween is making all the decoration for it. I also love to bake and I can't wait to do this for my son and his classmates. I volunteer to help out his halloween party for his class. I'm so excited. Also I love helping him pick out a pumpkin and creating something together. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome candy.

pinky said...

Hi Kerry, over here in Ireland Halloween is not as big as America, but it is very family orientated. My fav thing is halloween games, you know dunking for apples, apple on a string, money in the apple pie with custard! I always seem to win the dunking for apples, does that mean my mouth is the biggest!!! lol. Have posted a link on my blog.

4furbabies said...

Humm favortite thing about Halloween--????
CANDYCORN of Course-lol
Hey I was wondering how all those goodies would make it in the mail-.
I've linked and posted and I'm a waiting for some goodies- thanks for the chance to win.
God Bless

KanataNewf said...

I love everything yummy about Hallowe'en - but particulary those hallowe'en candy kisses that no one else seems to like. The only time of year I can find those candy!

And I have indeed linked to your candy from my blog sidebar!

Gvendalen said...

What Yummy candy!
Thanks for the chance to win this candy. I linked you on my sidebar.

Cherry said...

Happy Halloween Kerry - gorgeous candy in all respects. I love love love the jack-o-lanterns - love to see their glowing faces peering out of the darkness protectively and of course pumkin pie!!!. Thanks for the chance to win. I'm off to link you on my blog. XXX

craftypagan said...

Hi Kerry! Loving your candy! I've linked your candy in my candy bar, and I've been a follower for a while. My favourite thing about Halloween? Since I'm pagan, Halloween is a big deal to me and we always have stuff going on, this year my favourite thing about it will be taking my little boy to a halloween party and 'spooky nature trail'! Lots of Love Rowena

Julies Crafty Creations said...

What Yummy candy!
Thanks for the chance to win. I linked you on my sidebar.
Hugs Julie x

Little GTO said...

I don't have a blog but I have a big mouth! Ha ha ha! This is one of the blog candies I have ever seen! So coordinated and quality items.
As a critter I loved dressing as a gypsy so I could all sorts of jewelry. Started at a young age lovin the bling!
Sharon L

Craftyanny said...

Fantastic candy, am loving those papers.
I've posted a link on my candy bar for you. Thanks for the chance to win.
My favourite thing has to be the children trick or treating. I just love to have them sing or tell a joke etc.
Anne x

Linda said...

Oh my mouth is watering just looking at the picture of the yummy cakes. :)
I am a long time follower and have posted your blog candies on my sidebar. (I posted the pic of the yummy cakes...so I could see them when I look on my blog.) ;)
I really love Halloween...the best part for me has to be the costumes...gives me a chance to dress up and have some silly fun.

tracy said...

Its getting better over here as we don't really celebrate it but people are starting to realise its a little bit of fun we enjoy dressing up and going trick or treating then coming back to a halloween party full of ghouly food and games!
tracy x

Crazy Creations said...

I love your blog what great candy Holloween is my fav holiday.I love to dress up and dress up my kids and the house Your on my sidebar I tryed to put the the blini up it just wont work ,I dont have a clue what Im doing wrong Ive added them before Im going to keep on trying.Thank you for the chance to win Sarah

angel4031 said...

OMG Kerry what a fabby halloween candy you have!!

My fave thing about halloween is a halloween party, everyone getting dressed up, playing games & having fun!!!

Ive added a link to your candy on my blog! Fingers crossed I win x x x

~*Joni said...

Well, I guess the other goodies are okay but I was really hoping for the ones in your first pic. LOL! Haha! I have you all linked up Kerry, thank you for this wonderful opportunity to win! My fave thing about Halloween is seeing the babies dressed up. OMWord, there is nothing cuter than seeing someone so tiny in a costume. ;)

jan farnworth said...

i spread the word on my blog. www.tweetybugshouse.blogspot.com have a great day i love the magnolia.

Anonymous said...

What awesome blog candy!!!! I love everything about Halloween, especially decorating my house with my 2 girls and we also make a halloween cookie house that we decorate together. We have alot of fun! Thanks :o) Angela

Mouse40 said...

Great blog candy! Thanks for the chance to win!
I'm your follower now and I posted a link on the sidebar of my blog

LindaC said...

Great blog candy....

My favorite thing of Halloween is CORN CANDY!

thestampinglady said...

Sorry, I do not have an active blog but I will let my yahoo group know of your yummies--and they look so good. They would find an excellent home here. My favorite halloween thing is going to the pumpkin patch to choose the jack-o-lantern. Thanks for being so generous--I love subscribing to your blog.

iluvmybugs said...

OMG!! Did you say candy....yummy, yummy candy...that is my favorite thing about Halloween...all those yummy goodies...mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

I've linked your delicious candy on my sidebar...thanks for the chance to win!


Joyce Spear said...

Wow! Awesome blog candy! I have a birthday in September, so it would be SO cool if I won these spooky treats!

Here's my blog entry announcing your candy: http://stamperjoyce.blogspot.com/2009/08/check-out-this-blog-candy.html

My favorite thing about Halloween? Definitely the candy, lol! I just looooove candy corn!

Joyce Spear

Kary Sol said...

Thank you for the chance to win your sweet candy.
Linked it on my sidebar.
In a Helloween most of all it is pleasant to me suits. This holiday for me one big show!
Thanks and welcome to my blog...

scrappyjacky said...

What a wonderful,quirky candy....love it.....the best thing about Halloween is definately the yummy food!!

Judi said...

Yummy goodies - I swear those cakes and cookies look good enough to make me lick the screen of my laptop! Now that would make my family think I had truly lost it - GRIN! Love your blog!


Judi said...

Yummy goodies - I swear those cakes and cookies look good enough to make me lick the screen of my laptop! Now that would make my family think I had truly lost it - GRIN! Love your blog!


Mary Lou said...

Hi Kerry--Delicious blog candy--THANKS!!!! My favorite thing about halloween is seeing the creative own made costumes and the excitement of kids when you cannot figure out who they are :-) Linked yummy picture to my sidebar
Mary Lou

Marianne said...

Hi Kerry. This candy looks like a lot of fun. Have linked you to my sidebar. My fave thing about Halloween this year will be visiting New England end of September into October. Although this will be before Halloween we love to see all the great decorations you go in for over there. I've never seen so many pumpkins as when we visit. Will be in your home state for most of the visit, which is gorgeous. You are lucky to live there. Marianne x

Аленка said...

Thanks for a chance to win! Your blogcandy is amazing !!! I love Halloween Party)) I added a link to my blog: http://alyona4.blogspot.com/2009/08/blog-post_30.html

debra said...

Wow Kerry
You always do amazing candy this is just so yummy
I normaly love to see the children come to my door all dressed up but this year it is going to be fun to make them some special handcrafted treats for there reward and this little lot would really help so fingers crossed.
hugs Debra

Jacilynn said...

Oh, this is a super candy! I love everything about Halloween. We always go all out with the decorating and treats. I love your pic of the halloween treats. I love baking halloween goodies. And I love that halloween Tilda. It would totally make my Halloween to win these!
x Jacilynn

Meche said...

wow lovely blog candy! i dont have a blog yet (i can wait to start one..) but i will tell my friend about your blog candy :)

p.s: this is my mail if you need something: mecheche (at) gmail (dot) com

Eulanda said...

OH how can I say no to blog candy? hee hee My favorite thing? Making Halloween cards!!! Love it!! I have added your pic on the r/h side of my blog under blog candy. Thanks for the offer!


Linda S. said...

Oh Kerry, I don't have a blog to link to, but I would still love a chance to win your yummy candy. I will be out at our local Archiver's all day tomorrow, and will promise to tell all my fellow scrappers about your candy. Thank you. My favorite thing about Halloween is opening the front door to all those little cutie pies!! Linda S. in NE

Stressed Stamper said...

Fab Fab Fab candy.....fingers crossed - fave thing about Halloween...ummmm when they come home with their goodies and share...he he...Did you do the baking on the pic on your blog Sharon?...if so, OMG......Hugs Sarah

Cheryl said...

Well, this is a nice surprise! Thanks for the chance to win!
Have a great week!

Christina said...

My favorite thing about Halloween is watching the kids. I love all thier little faces out there wandering around.
I linked you here



megline said...

What a nice blog candy. What I love about Halloween is all the beautiful decorations that you can put in your house. And to see the kids comme to your home with their costumes.
I have put a link to my blog:


Suzy said...

What a great candy.!

We don't have hallowen, so i don't know what thing i prefer. We have something similar in februar. People mask and dance and so one.

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

Well count me in too! I love all this stuff. And I'll put your candy on my sidebar Here What a bonus to find candy when coming to visit today!

wilonestar said...

Those goodies look great, the food and the crafty ones too! Love popping in here.

Ida P. Krause said...

Hi, You've been "linked" on my blog. - I love all things about Halloween except...Scary/Gory movies. I love the kids coming to the door in costumes, making fun cards, sometimes dressing up myself, and of course eating any left over candy. We always save the "good stuff" back.

Jennette Warren said...

Hi Kerry! You are linked up at my blog! How fabulous this is!!

My favorite things about Halloween is I finally get to ride my broom stick and not everyone thinks I am crazy! LOL!!!!!

Lynne in NI said...

Ooooh pick me, pick me! I love every thing about halloween from making spooky cards, to family parties, but especially the little kiddies calling to my door in their fancy dress!
Thanks for the chance of winning your goodies - I've linked you on my blog

Susie Sugar said...

Hi Kerry thanks for the chance to win your "Spooktacular" candy !!!
what do I love about Halloween pumpkins I think !! the kids love to make lanterns from the outer part and I make a mean Pumpkin soup from the flesh ....yummy !!
Anyway let me wish you a very early happy halloween !!
Love Susie xx
Ps I have linked you to my blog sidebar xx

namo said...

Nice blog candy.I like pumpkins.


Helen said...

Yummy candy!
Have popped a photo & link in the sidebar on my blog - thanks for the chance to win!
My favourite thing about Hallow'een...all of the pretty candle lit pumpkin lanterns...well and the parkin too! ;0)
Helen x

Claude said...

What yummy candy treats! Thanks for the chance to win.
My favourite thing about Halloween is stepping out with the kids all dressed up. When they see all the other kids, their eyes light up and I love that!
I linked you in my candy jar here: http://imzadi481.blogspot.com/

Gail's Card Cafe' said...

Yummy Candy! I'll take the cake! lol.
I've linked you up in my blog ;)
I LOVE scaring the older kids when they trick-or-treat! hee hee

Tina said...

Yummy candy! I've linked your candy on my sidebar. What I like most about Halloween is handing out the candy just to see all the different costumes the kids are wearing and how creative some people get with them. Thanks for the chance!

Lyneen said...

YUMMY.... I think I would take the blog YUMMIES even if the got mushed in the mail... they sure look good.

I have posted a link on my CANDY BAR here:


MY all time favorite thing about Halloween is dressing up and handing out candy... still after all these years! TFS

TracyG said...

I love Halloween! And some grown up candy would be awewome!!!
Thanks for the chance.
Tracy G

Andreja - kokos said...

Great candy!!
I linked your candy on my blog (sidebar).
For Halloween I like cutting pumpkins. Thanks for the chance to win this candy!
Hugs, Andreja

Cheryl Walker said...

WOW love the blog candy you are offering!!!!

Thank you for this chance to win, and I will link your candy on my blog!!

My favorite thing about Halloween is seeing all the kids get dressed up :) I also love Halloween colors and enjoy making Halloween cards. Well that is more than one reason why I like halloween:) LOL

Anyways have a wonderful week, and thank you again!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sweet offering! Halloween is a fav for me. I love everything about it... the weather, the decorations, dressing up the kiddos. FUN, Fun, fun!!!

Rachel said...

I am linking to you now! My favorite thing about Halloween is the CANDY of course!!!

Cheryl Kosakura said...

Great Halloween Candy! Thanks for the chance to win such yummyness!
I love to spook up my house and the fall colors.

Kaytee said...

What is not to love about Halloween?!?!?! MY favorite thing has to be haunted hay rides and houses! (and of course hot apple cider with RUM!!)
I linked you in my side bar! Love your blog!

Kat said...

Great candy Kerry. I have linked you in my sidebar. My kids are grown up now but when I was little I used to love going out dressed up at Halloween. We used to go round most of the houses in our village. You were expected to sing or do something and people gave you sweets or nuts or sometimes money. In Scotland we call it guising.

Kat x

Bars said...

Hi Kerry!
ooooooox, Martha Stewart Drippy Goo Punch - my dream!!!! I like it very mach, but I can't afford it. Now I hope to win my dream!:))

Thank you for this chance to win!!!

My favorite thing about Halloween is the sweet candy!!! ))))))

I linked you in my side bar!

Sorry my English


Patricia said...

Hi Kerry, Thank you so much for the chance to win this prize!! I love it, and placed it on my bloggers sidebar. My favorite thing with halloween is the candy cane and watching horrormovie's in the dark!!


Alice said...

Hi from Italy! What a beautiful goodies for a perfect Halloween! Thanks for a chance to win! I've just put a link to my candybar about your candy. My fav thing about Halloween are the fables about witches that could be false or true, no one knows the reality! gh gh gh! Byeee

Crazy Creations said...

Im a follower and I tryed to put up the blinki and it wont work ,I love your blog the new Accordion bag is so cute .Thank for the chance to win Sarah K

lil-paper-pixie said...

Hi Kerry, this is just fab candy, I love Halloween but in England it gets a bit neglected!!!! I just love the colours,the outfits, everything, I just wish other english folk were more receptive to it, any excuse for a party!!! Will link you on my sidebar.



Jessica - Layouts from the Heart said...

My favorite thing about halloween is all of the goofy photo opportunities, and the excuse to scrapbook them. I like the colors of halloween, and seeing the children all dressed up, and having fun being goofy! I also like to dip into my boy's candy--guilt free!

Thanks for the chance to win some great supplies, I have posted a link on my blog. Have a great day!

Emma (metalicbutterfly) said...

What fantastic candy

Id love a chance to win

i'll pop you in my candy shop

Emma xxx

Nikki said...

Halloween I love it I'm crazy about it and everyone knows it some of my friends now have quite the collection because of me and I love to deck out our house with VERY SCARY THINGS.... Some kids won't take candy from us at all LOL we scare them away
Thanks for the chance and I've added a link on my side bar for your yummy candy and if you baked all that WOW your cake & cupcakes are amazing :)
hugs Nikki C

Chrisd said...

OOOH..what lovely treats for one of us... including a Martha Stewart PUNCH. My favorite thing about Halloween are pumpkins and sharing the magic inside each one with the little ones in my life. I put you in my blog candy sidebar.

Alyce said...

Love pumpkins and everything that goes will them.
What fantastic blog candy. Makes me wish I had a blog. There just aren't enough hours in my days. I'll just tell my dh that I need to quit my job so I can have time to keep a blog and still have time to create. 8-)

scrapnnMO said...

What yumminess to win. Love everything in this blog candy. I've linked you in my sidebar on my BLOG.

My favorite part about Halloween was getting lots of CANDY and being able to dress up. Was a Hobo one year. LOL!

carol meadows said...

This such great eye candy to look at all your Halloween goodies! If you made these; would love to know how to make those cute ghosts! The best part of Halloween is getting the yard and house all decorated for the kids to come by for Trick-0r-Treat. We always have the haunting music and ghosts floating in the front yard! Love your work! Carol in TX

mae said...

Hi!Thanks for the chance to win this candy. I linked you on my sidebar.
Como soy de Argentina aqui no se festeja hallowenn pero igualmente me encantan las calabazas!

itsabrt said...

Thank you for your chance at the yummy candy! I have linked you to my sidebar! Here is My blog! Beth aka BR-t

PS I love sneaking into my kiddos candy!

Lisa said...

super yummy candy, I love halloween it is so much fun. Thanks for the chance to win I added your candy to my candy bar

ツ.Любя_Себя®.ツ said...

i love halloween! i realy LOVE it!
thanks for candy!

Nikche said...

What fantastic halloween Candy. My favorite thing about Halloween is making all the decoration for it. Thanks for the chance to win.



Benedicte said...

fantastic candy
unfortunatly we don't celebrate halloween in my family ( in norway), but my grandfather celebrates his birthday the last weekend in october, so the whole family gets together and eat good food. anf the children has costume-party...
I've posted a link on my left sidebar.

hugs, Benedicte ( norway)

patzi said...

Thanks for the chance to win I added your candy to my candy bar.I love Candy´s it is so much fun.


Tracy said...

Halloween is not big here, but it is starting to get bigger! I just love all the cute decorations and the kiddies! I have put a picture on my sidebar!

Heidi said...

Hey Kerry! What a great candy! I am adding you to my Candy Bar girl!

My fav thing about Halloween is to see all the little kids dress up and then hear them say Trick or Treat in those little kids voices.


ChristinaWarner said...



SemSee said...

My fave thing about halloween has just got to be the candy!! LOL!

Thanks so much for offering such delish candy - I'd love to be included in the draw please! I've pic-linked you in the sidebar of my blog (inc. link to this post), plus added your link to my Candy Bar list (again on my sidebar).

Hugs, Sem xx

PS I have a triple candy giveaway on my blog at the moment - it ends on 26.09.09.

Tammy Murphy said...

Thank you for the chance to win... my mom and I always made Orange jello popcorn balls when I was a kid. I have carried on the tradition and every year my girls and I make lots of orange jello popcorn balls~ people request them each year. I don't have a blog~ thank you for letting me share~

Kelly L aka Littlekel90 said...

Wow, Kerry, terrific photo of those yummies . . but the crafting items are way better . . .low cal and won't effect my glycemic profile as much. LOL So . . on a serious note, my favorite part of Halloween is a local get-together in which we treat the little treaters then meet up at the neighborhood pond for treats and chatting around the campfire. Sometimes the kids play flashlight tag other times they just chat and mingle too. Okay, headin to my blog to link you up!

Annelies said...

Great candy! Here's my link . My favorite thing about Halloween is my sister's birthday and the sweets of course! Thanks for a chance to win! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

Belyona said...

WOW! Thank you for your candy! I don't know what is my favorite thing about Halloween... I think it's everything! ;)

Natasha from Russia :)

Jessica G. said...

Great blog candy, Kerry! I have your photo and link in my candy jar on the side bar of my blog. BTW, I wouldn't mind those cookies, either!!

Aline Fonseca said...

I'm spreading the word, and followig.
What I Like most about Halloween are the costume-parties!
Thnaks for the chance to wih, Kerry!

Rosette said...

Ohhh.. this IS yummy for my tummy!! :) Lovely candy.. thanks for the chance :) My fav thing about Halloween is smiling children :) I love to see them having fun!! :))

Shelly Schmidt said...

Oh the goodies look yummy- the stamping goodies look even yummier!!! I LOVE Halloween images- the stamps are delightful. I love it when it is nice out and the little ones are so adorable in their costumes-we generally give out ~ 7 bags of candy here- so that is alot of kids that come knocking on our door! Thanks Kerry!

Yvonne said...

Hello, you have a nice candy, thanks for the chance to win.
I love Helloween, because the costumes- and to dekorate my room
i put a link to my sidebar.
sorry for my englisch.
greets yvonne

Corrie said...

Hi there!

What a super candy!!! I love halloween but in Holland isnt well known unfortunality. I love the spooky things about it (spiders, not the real things but in a paper or stamp hehe) and the colours. We don't know trick or treat :(
I put a link at my blog:
And I also become a follower, you make great cards.

Hugs Corrie

Handmade by Vivi said...

WOW Kerry,what an awesome candy you are oferring!!
I have posted a pic of your yuumie candy on my sidebar!!
I really wish to win it!!!
Thanks for the chance!

Beth said...

Wow! This is gorgeous candy! I LOVE making halloween cards! Thanks for a fabulous opportunity to win these goodies, I've linked your post on my sidebar!

Beth xx

Liz DB said...

OMG the candy is fab Ilove Halloween can't wait it's spookilicious... I'd love to be a witch.... think my hubby thinks I already am one, he he (a good one of course)...
Thanks for sharing xxx

Cynthia Lloréns said...

Holy cow...this is great! You are linked up on my blog...


Gunn said...

Hi Kerry

Halloween is not a tradidtion her in Norway yet. it is comming more and more every year though.
Because of that, the only thing I really like about Halloween so far, is that it is also time for my birthday!

I have linked to your fab candy in my sidebar, and become follower of your blog here. It looks like a great challenge blog in additon to show of your beautiful cards.


Mina said...

oh wow how yummy is this candy, I would have no problem bribing you with yummies but like you say they dont ship well lol...my favourite thing about halloween is seeing the children dressed up and coming to your door for treats they always look so fantastic...thanks for the chance to win
Mina xxx

bissecat said...

Wow!wow! Very nice candy i love Magnolias.I gross my fingers..Greetings from Finland!!!!

bissecat said...

Hello again!
I post the link my bloghttp://vasemmalkadella.blogspot.com/2009/09/halloween-lahestyy.html

Alyce said...

I don't have time to have a blog. After looking at everyone's blogs for inspiration, I barely have time to make anything myself.
Whoever wins these prizes will be very lucky.

margie c said...

OMLV! I just found your blog today and am loving all of your creations!
So sweet of you to share some Halloween goodies with everyone!
My fave thing about this holiday are the lil trick-or-treaters coming to my door! So sweet and cute! and now even more since I have my own 2 lil ones to walk with :)
Good luck to all!
:*) margie
~ I've added you to my sidebar ;)

Charlie said...

My favorite thing about halloween is carving pumpkins as I love to bake the seeds and eat them! I have linked your candy in my sidebar blog candy jar ... thanx for the great spooky candy giveaway!

Allison said...

Ohh Halloween... what do i love the most, Pumpkins are so fun but Actually it would be that day AFTER when all the candy goes on sale and I stock up! I have linked this from my blog...
Fingers crossed! Allison

slowef said...

Wow what fab candy. I love Halloween and a chance to use those Autumn associated Halloween colours in my cardmaking. Have linked to this on my blog
Thanks for a chance to win

Caroljenks said...

Wow, what Yummy Candy!

Have added a pic and link in the Candy Jar on My Blog

Thanks for the chance to win :)

Carol x

kim-paperbabe said...

Wow fabulous candy I have added a link to my blog, thanks for the chance, My favourite bit of halloween is the dressing up and the sweets, love sweets for the whole year though! LOL!!! HuGs Kim :)

Cat said...

Love your picture of party food! Yummy! Blog candy looks good too!I posted your candy on my sidebar

Thanks for a chance to win!

Karina said...

So lovely candy! Thank you for the chance to win. I just linked you in my blog.
Here in Switzerland Halloween is not so popular. I just love those beautiful autumn fruits called pumpkins. Just on last weekend I made an excursion to a big ranch where the had hundres of them in many different shapes. Sooooo nice! I just love to carve nice lanterns out of them.
Hugs from Karina

Sharon -- The OKI Stampqueen said...

Sooo many favorite things--from costumes of the wee ones, to the heedy fall scents, candy of course-but my favorite is picking and carving the perfect pumpkin and seeing that candle lit inside...
Linking to my blog-www.okistampqueen.blogspot.com and hoping I win so I can make lots of goodies for the gremlins & goblins & fairies and...Sharon, OKI Stampqueen

Anette said...

WOW!! I really want to win all this!!! I've made a post in my blog, using your photo and a link to your candy!!

bex said...

Ooo what faboulous candy!! (I wouldn't mind the cakes either!!) I'm looking forward to halloween too, can't wait to dress my 14month old up (last year he was a pumpkin!). Thank you once again for hosing this give away.
Rebecca x

Christa said...

wow great candy, here in the netherlands,we dont have halloween, but, we have sint maarten ( in the north of netherlands), almost the same only the kids dont put a costume on, they only sing and get the candy, nothing scary about it, on the tv there is always a scary movie on ,halloween or nightmare on elmstreet ,i like scary movies.
I like halloween we must have it too here in the netherlands.
xoxo christa

Nettie said...

Hi Kerry
What lovely bloggy yummies. Would love the chance to win some.My favourite thing about Hallowen is the costumes. I have popped a link back to you on my blog here. thanks again Nettie.x

Hannapanna said...

This is some great candy! I'd love to win it! :)

Halloween is not so big here in Sweden (yet!) but I try to carve a pumpkin latern each Halloween. It is autumn in Sweden during Halloween and it gets all dark and cozy in the evenings. Perfect for pumpkin laterns! :)

Killam Creative said...

Ooh, I love the process of preparing for trick-or-treaters. I decorate my entry to make it spooky and fun!

Thanks for the chance to wind such wonderful candy - I put a link to you on my sidebar.


Ida / Little said...

Hi Kerry, the kids back in school is a great excuse to celebrate!! :) Don't think you want me to give you some baked goods, cause they would not be so "fresh" after a week in the mail :p You have a great blog, and thanks for the chance to participate!

Hugs Ida

Neo said...

Your candy is so sweet for hallowee:) Making presents is the best part of it!

PixiesDelight Designs said...

I told the world about your candy on my blog http://pixiesdelightdesigns.blogspot.com/

I LOVE halloween, favorite part is ahnding out candy to the little kids. SO SWEET!

Anonymous said...

I love Halloween! Your Halloween foods in the photo look so perfect for the occasion. I think what I enjoy most is the cleverness: costume ideas, the creative crafts, and the wonderful ideas for making foods look creepy!


Heike said...

Wow, i love you Halloween cake's so much. The Blogcandy is wonderful and i love Halloween too. Thanks for the chance to win, i’ve linked you on my sidebar......


Kirsten said...

Wow great candy and the cakes look soooo good... i adore the smell of pumkins best thnig about halloween...thanks for the chance to win hugs kirsten...x

Mary said...

Those cakes look really good! Thanks for the chance to win this yummy candy. I'm in need of some new Halloween supplies. I've added a link in the sidebar on my blog.

Vanja said...

Wow, what a yummy candy! Keeping my fingers crossed, thanks for a chance. I added the link in my sidebar. We don't celebrate halloween, but I always loved the costumes and the pumpkin you decorate for the occasion. This year I'm determined to try that (the pumpkin thing).

Caroline said...

Heres a link to your yummy candy

Best thing about halloween, without a doubt, is the candy, hehe =)


Jodi said...

Wow ~ what fantastic candy! Love that adorable Tilda and the yummy BG paper, and.....well everything! I've linked your giveaway on my blog (right side column).

My favorite thing about Halloween is helping the kids pick out their costumes and getting them ready.

I'll bribe you with some Birthday Cake since Sept. 14th is my daughter's birthday ;) Hoping I win because I know my daughter would enjoy these goodies as much as me and what a nice birthday surprise for her. Thanks for the chance to win :)

rosa said...

Wow Thanks for the chance at all your candy I follow and have linked you all up
sorry for my english spero di vincere un saluto dall'Italia bye bye rosa
kreattiva di rosa

Julie Temple said...

WOW great candy! I have always loved Halloween for the little faces at the door, and the SMILES when they get their candy! GOtta LOVE those kids! Thanks for the chance, I have you linked!


Alanna said...

Great blog here. Thanks for the chance to win. My favorite thing about Halloween is the memories I have of trading my candy loot with my brothers. We'd all empty out our bags and then the trading would begin.

I've linked your candy on my sidebar. You can find my blog here

Karen said...

Ooooh what lovely candy Kerry, thanks for the chance to win it. I've added your link to the sidebar on my blog.

Rheannon said...

You've been bakin up some good goodies! Did you really make all those treats? That's amazing! I am loving the blog candy. I haven't seen the paper yet. Gosh I have a soft spot for Basic Grey and Magnolia... pick me, LOL! I know we all feel the same way. Thanks for the chance to win!
PS My fav thing about Halloween is visiting the pumpkin patch and all of the vibrant colors. It all makes me happy.

Kristin said...

Thanks for the chance to win! :)

I'm not used to celebrate Halloween, but I like the colours often used: purple, orange an black. :)

w.i.t.c.h.-ler said...

Hi Kerry!
What a yummy Candy! Thanks for offering! =) Hm...my fav. thing about Halloween.....I´m 13 so it´s going Trick or Treat! xD It´s really funny when I go with my friends. I wish you a great Halloween and a nice week!
hugs Nina

scrapnstamp_hq said...

Great blog candy that you have on offer Kerry. I have posted about your blog candy on my blog.

Halloween isn't something that is celebrated here to the extent that it is overseas. I love seeing everyone dressed up in costume and their houses all decorated. I also like seeing all the decorative food.

Martinas Welt said...

Wow...I am speechless! What a great candy (and yummy picture =) LOL) I have to take part here...no chance to let this go ;)
Well, in Austria Halloween is not so popular, but I love everything witchy and pumpkins. I always decoaret my house also with Halloween things and last year m,y daughter wanted to have a Halloween party.

Katarina said...

What a great candy (although I wouldn't mind the baked goods, lol) My fav part about Halloween is that it gives you an excuse to get more fab craftyitems. I linked you on my candypost:


Iris said...

Gotcha on linked my sidebar. Marvelous blog candy! I've had that MS punch on my wish list for awhile now. It would be so cool to win it! My favorite thing about Halloween is that it is my firstborn's birthday. Thanks for a chance to win.
Visit my blog at:

Barb said...

There isn't one single thing about Halloween that I love most... I love it all! Maybe it's the fact that for one night you can become someone/something else... or maybe show your true self ;)

I've linked you here:

Creepy Glowbugg said...

WOW! What great candy you have!
I have been searching the local Michaels for that Martha punch for a few weeks now!
I love the smell of burning pumpkins, the crisp weather, and the thrill of finding the perfect costume each year!

Heide said...

I love candy!!! What and what super cute, I mean scary candy you have!!
Halloween is one of the best holidays, it was so much fun when my kids were little! Thanks for the chance to win some great stuff!

Tiffany's Epiphanies said...

Awesome blog candy, Thanks for the chance to win! I love a lot of things about Halloween. I'm a teacher in Nevada and Halloween is also Nevada Day, so we get a day off. I love candy corn and apple cider. I also love all of the cat Halloween decorations!

Evelyn C said...

Wow, what an amazing spooktakular candy - just love all the amazing goodies - just found your blog and you are very talented and have some great ideas, my favoutite thing about halloween is that no matter what age you are you get to be a big kid again! - you can dress up, play silly games, jump anout like a loon and have loads of fun with family and friends and everyone joins in x thanks for the chance at your candy, have added a piccie and link to my blogx

Blankiefinder said...

Linked to your blog, thanks so much for the chance to win!

My favorite thing about halloween is the chance to create! Carved pumkins and watermelon, treat holders, etc. I do love my Casper the ghost holding candles decoration a lot, too!

Michelle said...

What a great yummy candy!!! Thanks for the chance. I love Halloween because I get to see my 6 year old dressed up going house to house. He loves it and I LOVE his excitement!!

Edys Gonçalves said...

Hello.... a wonderful candy!!! Love so much!
I linked at mysidebar!



Celeste said...

I'll take that spider cake...MMMM. I linked you to my blog
You've got some nice blog candy.

suzi*1 said...

At Halloween I love to decorate my house with all the great stuff arround Halloween.

I linked your Yummie at my sidebar.
Thank you for the chance to win it.

Myzdamena's World said...

Ooh num num that pic of all the food made me want yummies lol... I linked to you on my sidebar- it's all I can work out how to do right now lol... my fave thing about halloween is getting loads of sweeties from trick or Treat and coming home and numming them all up... oh, I mean, getting the *kids* sweets and the *kids* numming them up.... of course ;)

Denise said...

Oh my gosh, I have been looking for this drippy goo punch everywhere! I so want to win this one!

Anyhow I have posted on my blog at http://mamascroppingcollections.blogspot.com/

Favorite thing about Halloween, candy corn in individual packages so I do not have to eat too many of them!

Denise Wells

Sabine said...

Oh boy - this is grrreat!! I love Halloween, but most of all decorating the house and seeing the kids so excited. Also love all the candy that goes with it :)
I will link your candy on my blog :)

Mandy said...

I love to decorate for halloween especially with pumpkins.

WiKKori said...


I come to browse in your blog for some time now.. Shame I didn't bocome your follower earlier.
here is a link to your blog candy: http://wikkori.blogspot.com/2009/09/poznawaniem-nowych-osob.html

Well, even if I won't win it, you've already given me few nice ideas for a Halloween cupcakes.

Carrie said...

Thank you for the chance to win. I have added you to my sidebar. My favorite thing about Halloween is the excitement on my children's faces as they get ready to go trick or treating. It's just too precious!

tanjascraps said...

Oh what a fun Candy... I would love to win :)
Its really hard to say what I like best about Halloween, but I would probably go for pumpkin carving and dressing up!!!
I linked about you here

Carolyn V said...

How generous and fun to offer such yummy candy in time for Halloween! Thank you! My fave thing about Halloween... I love the little kidlets in costume. Too fun!

I've put your candy on my sidebar http://cardsandothermadness.blogspot.com/

Olga said...

Hi Kerry. thanks for this candy is very delicious.
I love see the kids comme to your home with their costumes and the pumpkin in my house.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chance, this was my first time to your blog, and im glad I found it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chance, this was my first time to your blog, and im glad I found it.

JulyeB said...

Hi have linked you to my blog not quite what I meant to say but you know what I mean, I love seeing people dressed in fancy dress and kids having fun, lifes sometimes too serious and fun is good. Love the candy thanks for the chance Julye

Joyce Spear said...

Hey, wake up over there! It's the September 15th and I'm dying of suspense since you posted you'd be picking a winner on the 14th.

I'm still linked to your blog at: http://stamperjoyce.blogspot.com/2009/08/check-out-this-blog-candy.html if you'd like to check it out!

As far as bribing you with baked goods, you probably wouldn't enjoy my burnt and crusty attempts at playing Martha Stewart, but I'd be happy to run to the grocery store and pick up some cupcakes for you!!

Seriously, though, pick me! pick me!

Joyce Spear
stamperjoyce at aol dot com

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