Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blog Candy Alert!

Check out the Magnolia blog candy that Claudia has to give away!

Have a Splediferous Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

Darn, if I would have upped my guess of 117 candies a few more I would have won. Would have been a perfect St. Paddy's Day birthday present for me.

Did I share with you about when I was born or about to be rather? My mom knew I was going to be a C-section. Before she went into the OR Dr. Aid (honest that was our doctor's name!) told mom he had the birth certificate made out as Patricia since she requested 3/17 for the date. My mom, always the joker at the funniest times, told him that was "too Pat of an name" and that it was Christine. So, he had to rip it up and start over. She had kept the ripped up one for a long time but it isn't in my baby book and both of my parents are deceased so I don't know if she finally threw it out or what. Of course I had dark red hair too.

Anyway, love your projects and thanks for sharing.

Chris R. from Iowa

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