Saturday, November 15, 2008

Blog Candy Alert!

I don't usually post on the weekends, but there are 2 great blog candies that you should know about!

1) My BFF, Kristen, is celebrating her first 1000 hits! She has some REALLY GREAT goodies that she is giving away. Think: Whipper Snapper and Martha Stewart! ummm....I don't have these stamps or punches so I hope to win...but, I suppose you can try too! ;) And while you're at her blog don't forget to add it to your faves so you can go back regularly and check out her fabtastical creations!

2) Claudia, of Pretty Pressings, is giving away 4 different blog candies! 4 chances to win!! Again, I want all of these...but if I don't win, I'd be just as happy if you did!! (and then sent it to me!) LOL! :) So head over there and see what the 411 is!

My friends think I like Magnolia Stamps so much because "Tilda" looks like my Orla...And she kind of does! I told Orla that she so cute they have made stamps that look like her! So I am shamelessly using this post as another chance to share a pic of my own little Magnolias so you can see for yourself! Should I be asking Magnolia Stamp Co. for some kickback since they are infringing on my very personal creation!? LOL!

Have a glorious weekend!


Karen said...

I think it is adorable that Magnolia copied your creation for a stamp. Both girls are to precious. God is so good!


Lorie said...

Such a sweet picture! Did you see my blogaversary loot? Go check it out!

Mary C said...

Kerry what a cute, cute, cute picture of the girls. They both are growing up so fast!

wendy groszkiewicz said...

Your girls are absolutely adorable! :)

Kristen said...

Really good pic of the girls. How cute is "my girl"!

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