Friday, August 15, 2008

Blog Yummies!!

7326! 7326! 7326! 7326! 7326!

7326 visits to my blog! And only about 2891 are visits from myself! Can you believe it?! LOL!

In honor of the 7326 visits, I am giving away Blog Yummies! I know, I know. Some people give away Blog Candy....but didn't we establish a few posts ago that I really love baked goods?! So I am calling my give aways Blog Yummies!

Ok, so it's not really about the 7326 visits. It's just becasue the stuff I ordered for Blog Yummies came today. What is it that Kerry is giving away? I am glad that you asked! I am giving away some yummies from the new Imaginisce line, HALLOWHIMSY!
So that you can start making your Halloween Cards too!

Here's a peeky (click on any pic to make it larger):

Six Super Fun Papers!!

And three
adorable stamps!!

Here's the nitty gritty:

  • Leave a comment on this post by 8pm (EDT) Monday night, August 18th.
  • Tell me what your favorite holiday is and why.
  • I will choose the winning comment randomly.
  • Check back Tuesday to find out who won and to contact me!

Good Luck and Have a great weekend!


Angie Tieman said...

Oh, Kerry, you crack me up! THis is so much more fun than the predictable candy at 10,000! And shut up! Because your yummies are delicious!! I have to say my favorite holiday is Christmas because we get to go home and see our family, and I love all the decorations and merriment of the season!

Basement Stamper said...

Oh, you know I'm all over the yummies and I will definitely fight you for them LOL!!

My favorite holiday is my birthday...yes, it is a holiday here! Which, by the way happens in 34 days and I'm going to be a year older (ha! ha!)

Pia said...

I love Christmas and then my kid's birthday and my birthday of course, which is fast approaching!
I love decorating the house, baking, wrapping gifts, and all the fun that comes with Christmas

Ida P. Krause said...

Hey I'm game (well no that would make me something like an elk or a deer) It's late & my sense of humor has gone down the tubes. I'm up for the Blog Yummies though. Lets see my favorite holiday is none other then Halloween (You get to dress goofy and get free candy so what's not to like about it?) followed by Christmas - It's all about the presents right!!
Could you delete the last post as it changed my Profile Name to the name of our church. Thanks Ida

MJ said...

Ohhh, yummies are just that! Although I was hoping for Éclair Cake or something - wasn't sure how you were gonna mail it so I thought you might just have to come for a visit to deliver if I won. Oh well this is much better for my waist line. My favorite holiday is Christmas. Of course the first reason is totally Christian based, but the other reasons are because there is so much going on, so sparkly, so decorated, so many good cookies, so much merriment. I just love it all! (except taking down all the decorations)

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

Kerry, you are just too funny. I will have to say I am SHOCKED that the picture wasn't of snickerdoodles!! lOL!

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I love the seemingly "forgotten" holiday because there isn't any rush rush to it and it is quiet, a time to reflect thankfulness for the past year. We have a tradition I started a couple years ago, where I have a box (now jar) and everytime you think of what you are thankful for you write it down and put it in the jar. I then read them on Thanksgiving nite (when it's just us). It is such a wonderful reminder of the past year.

Kristen said...

I have two favorite holidays. I love halloween, 1st, because it is in the fall and I love the fall, second, cause my hubby decorates the house to the point where the neighbors talk about us (hehehe...seriously),and third, I love all the halloween decorations.
I also love Christmas. It is the only time of the year that all my extended family get together in the same place. I santa with the kids, and I love SHOPPING!!!!

mamichelle said...

Oh, you are making me drool over the cupcakes, Kerry!!

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I love to eat and that is a day to eat as much as you want! LOL We usually have the house to ourselves (my mom lives with us) and it's so nice to just have the four of us again. I know that sounds just rotten.

Sue said...

Kerry, Kerry, Kerry! I am back home from a wild first birthday weekend. I have to tell you , you are a girl after my own heart. I hate to "cook" but so love to bake...I bake about a billion cookies at Christmas time...just wait until you see them posted on my blog! By far it is Christmas. I start in November and keep up my decorations until I am ridiculed to death towards the end of January!

Elena said...

Hello Kerry! My friend Ida told me about your yummies!
My favourite holiday is Christmas. I think it is a day when everybody feels the same - we all waiting for miracle and gits. But the main part is - giving gifts!!!

Also I wanted to add that if I would have my family living closer to me, my second favourite holiday would be Thanksgiving Day. For me it is not only about food but also about family. I think it is great that in the USA you have this day when all family members, several generations can gather and share some time together!
Thank you for your wonderful gifts to give away!

Tracy *SBA* said...

First off I love your cards...
Second my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because it's just about family food and getting together. It's not about presents or anything else Everyone comes over sits around stuffs their selfs silly and laughs and just enjoys time spent together and good food.
Two of my favorite things spending time with family and eating... LOL
That's why your title blog yummies caught my eye... LOL
Thanks and again great cards...

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